The Sports Archives Greatest Moments – UCONN Womens Basketball Steak Ends at 90 Wins

The University of Connecticut women’s basketball team is truly an amazing organization with a consistent record of success.  Coached by Geno Auriemma, the Huskies have won 7 NCAA Division I national championships.  They have advanced to the Final Four eleven times and have won over 30 Big East Conference Championships.

Some of Huskies most notable achievements are their recent 70 and 90 game winning streaks executed in the decade of 2000 to 2010.    They would win 70 straight games after losing to Notre Dame in March 2001.  It wasn’t until March 2003 when the Huskies would see their next loss, this time at the hands of an underdog Villanova team.

Stanford doused UCONN hopes in the 2007-08 season beating them 82-73 in the NCAA semifinals.  This was after UCONN lost only 1 game all season.  The Huskies would not see another loss until December 30, 2010, winning 90 straight games, a new NCAA record, until Stanford would once again burst their bubble.

The streaks exemplify how well the fundamentals are executed by the UCONN women’s basketball program.  Joe DiMaggio can probably relate to the amount of concentration and ability required to come out to play every day and to keep putting that ‘off-day’ off until later!

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