The Sports Archives – A Brief History of Peyton Manning

This past year, the Denver Broncos claimed the 2016 Super Bowl, tasting victory in the National Football League championships for a 3rd time, and this win certainly could not have been achieved without one of the most renowned quarterbacks in the history of American football leading the charge – Peyton Manning.

Early Life


Peyton Manning (right) with his father, Archie (center) and brother, Eli Manning (left). The NFL runs in this family!

Manning was born in March, 1976 amidst a “football family” in New Orleans, Louisiana. The son of former NFL quarterback Archie Manning and middle child of 3 boys, Peyton was no stranger to a passion for competitive sports, even before his professional career. His path to fame and recognition could only be fate. In his adolescence, Manning began to make a name for himself during his time at Isidore Newman High School. His natural talent for football helped him guide his team to a 34-5 record and he was widely recognized as a top ranking recruit at the conclusion of his high school career.

In contrast to many high school football players, Manning did not end his involvement in competitive sports after graduating. Instead, he enrolled as a student at the University of Tennessee in the mid-1990s and continued to excel at football. His childhood experience, exceptional wit and ambitious drive allowed him to rapidly develop a reputation in his 4-year college career.

            Going Pro

Becoming a professional athlete is often romanticized as a straight-shot to fame and fortune. Sadly, as few as 1% of all college players will truly have a shot at a professional career. Courtesy of his record and superior skills, it should be no surprise that Peyton Manning made this cut. In 1998, fresh out of his college football career, Manning was drafted first overall pick by the Indianapolis Colts and had a rather rough, difficult first season. However, he wasted no time in establishing a “groove” and consistently kept the Colts in high ranking for several more years.


As of this year, Manning is the quarterback for the Denver Broncos, but his professional career began and ran with the Indianapolis Colts for several years.

Manning is certainly one of the more noteworthy pro-football players in history. In 2003, he won his first NFL “MVP” Award in 2003, and in less than 10 years, has managed to achieve it an additional 4 times, making him the first NFL player in history to do so. He has also claimed 2 Super Bowls, the most recent being that of the 2015 season. Along with these exceptional recognitions, Manning also boasts a cumulative 70,000+ passing yards and over 5,000 completions. His extraordinary record has left his name on the lips of millions as one of the greatest professional quarterbacks of all time!

            Manning Today

Peyton Manning’s most recent accomplishment is the success of the Denver Broncos at the NFL’s 50th Super Bowl. After claiming a decisive victory against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots in the AFC championship round, Manning carried his team into a final successful game in Levi’s Stadium against none other than the Carolina Panthers. The success of the Broncos in 2015 was the team’s first championship win in over 15 years.

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