The Sports Archives – How To Bowl A 200+ Average!

Bowling scoreThe perfect bowling score is 300, but meeting this score is quite impossible even for professional and highly experienced bowlers. Now an average of 200+ is another story. Bowlers who get 200+ receive  admiration from fellow bowlers and are also feared by their opponents. It may be elusive and difficult to achieve for beginning bowlers, but it can be done with enough practice—and knowledge of the secrets to having a good game of bowling.

I’m sure most people will tell you that practice makes perfect, so although that’s a practical and correct advice, I’m not going to reiterate that for you. What you need to learn are the scoring factors, which will help you take advantage of your strikes and spares.

Pick up spares

You may be making a number of strikes in every round, but then you struggle when it comes to certain spares. Now, getting those spares are essential if you want to achieve that 200-point bowling average. A spare (also known as half-strike) indicates that all of the pins have been knocked down after the second ball of a frame. You will see a slash mark (/) on the screen to denote a spare. Getting a spare means you are awarded 10 points, in addition to a bonus of whatever is scored with your next ball. Remember that only the first ball is counted.



Frame 1, ball 1: 7 pins

Frame 1, ball 2: 3 pins (spare)

Frame 2, ball 1: 4 pins

Frame 2, ball 2: 2 pins

The score for these throws is: 7 + 3 + 4 (bonus) + 4 + 2 = 20 points

Let’s say you bowl a spare in the tenth and final frame; then you are awarded one extra ball to allow for the bonus points. So make sure to get a lot of practice on how to pick up your spares and reap the benefits!

Know the lane

Besides the spares, you also have to understand the difference when the lanes change. Different bowling houses and changing of oil patterns can affect how your ball rolls. Many passionate bowlers have two or more bowling balls that they use in games. Some bowlers use different balls for their first shot, their pocket or strike ball, and the spares. This is not to say that you have to purchase different balls to throw a good game. You just have to get to know the lane and how you bowl and understand how your bowling ball works in different conditions.


Care for your ball.

Another tip is to maintain your bowling ball in a great shape. Bowling balls do experience wear-and-tear overtime and it will develop oil patterns and grooves. Clean your ball after each game or wipe it after each shot with a rag. Take it to a bowling store to keep it in tip-top shape.  While shopping, invest in some hammer bowling jerseys.

Be knowledgeable.

Finally, read and adjust to lane conditions and changes. If you can find a good bowling coach, the better, so you can read and adjust to the different changes that happen during a league or tournament.

So are you ready to achieve 200+? With enough practice and determination, you will reach that score and make your opponents bite your dust!

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