The Sports Archives – The World’s Most Dangerous Ski Resorts!

Dangerous SkiingSkiing is a favourite hobby for most people especially the young. However, this sport can be dangerous in some cases and lead to atrocious accidents, which cause severe injuries and even death in some instances. There are several ski resorts in the world. However, they all have different degrees of risks and dangers hence some have registered the most terrifying mortality rates. Here are 5 of the most dangerous ski resorts.

Crested Butte Mountain Resort

1.) The Crested Butte Mountain Resort located in Crested Butte, Colorado has had even the most talented skiers challenged. This skiing resort features length of almost 1000 feet. This is a manageable distance for any person with skiing prowess. However, the snow mountain is pitched at 55 degrees making it very steep and hard to control while skiing. In one season, the death toll can reach almost 20 people. One of the latest well-known victims was Matthew Bowers.

Delirium Dive

2.) Only advanced skiers are allowed to ski at the Delirium Dive located in Sunshine village at Banff, Canada. This resort is lies at a 50-degree pitch and is prone to avalanche. There is low visibility making it even harder for skiers with low vision capabilities to see through the rocks and trees. History on the area shows that even the best skiers have died in the place. Before skiing, one has to be mentally prepared and aware of the possible dangers. This is a ski resort whereby it is mandatory for a skier to carry along an avalanche receiver that will transmit signal in case one is buried, a shovel, and a friend who will identify the body in case death occurs. In its early years, the resort recorded at least one death.

Great Scott

3.) At a super-steep of 40 degrees and a vertical slope as long as 1000 feet, the Great Scott located in Snowbird, Utah incarnates danger. The resort features an intricate terrain full of rock outcrops and trees. The resort has a mortality rate record of 2 skiers per season.

The Black Hole

4.) The Black Hole at Smugglers’ Notch, Vermont is at 53 degrees pitch with countless natural obstacles. Only suicidal or bravest skiers dare ski in this resort that registers mortality rates of 5 skiers a year.

Corbet’s Couloir

5.) Lastly, Corbet’s Couloir resort situated at Jackson Hole in Wyoming is arguably the scariest skiing resort in the USA. The skiing experience begins with a petrifying 10 feet long free-fall before one starts whooshing down the 60-degree slope. The resort records a mortality rate of at least 1 skier per year.

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