The Sports Archives – 5 Great Ways to Get Fit This Summer

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If, like many people at this time of year you’re looking to get in shape for summer, you might feel the need to join a gym but there are plenty of ways you can exercise either at home or outdoors that don’t have the social pressure of the gym environment.

Whilst some people participate in adrenaline sports whilst others prefer competitive sports in order to win awards, if you currently live a relatively sedentary lifestyle you’ll want to be sure to start off slow and ease your way into it in order to avoid the possibility of injuring yourself.

Here are five great ways you can get fit in time for summer:

1. Jogging

Jogging is incredibly popular due to the convenience it offers, for as long as you have a pair of decent running shoes you can hit the road wherever you are in the world, day or night, for as long or short as you like.  It offers complete flexibility to fit in with your lifestyle and is a great way to lose weight, however, it can be tough on the knees so be sure to stretch out in order to avoid common issues like patellar tendinosis.

2. On Demand Fitness Classes

Les Mills are now offering their famous fitness classes found in gyms around the world in your home, with an on-demand service using a similar model to that of Netflix; the great thing with these classes is they fit around your schedule, unlike a gym where you have to fit around its timetable, and you don’t have to feel so embarrassed about being the person at the back not really knowing the moves.  It’s a great way to build up your fitness and competency before braving a real life exercise class.

3. Get on Your Bike

You may prefer to go exploring in the great outdoors, but many people like the idea of cycling in front of the TV in the comfort, convenience and privacy of their own home.  The main benefit of exercising in this way is that it will work the majority of major muscle groups and is relatively low-impact, meaning it won’t negatively affect your joints as much as high impact sports like running and aerobics.

4. Boxing Pad Work

For something a little more interactive, this is a fantastic way to keep fit with a partner, or on your own if you replace boxing pads for a punching bag.  Not only is it a great way to boost your cardiovascular fitness, it’s also an incredibly effective way to de-stress and blow off steam.

5.  Swimming

Swimming is a great all over body workout that tones pretty much every major muscle group in your body, it’s also great for cardiovascular fitness too, as whilst many people dawdle along whilst they swim you can up the speed and intensity to deliver an incredibly challenging yet equally effective workout.  Also, did you know that nowadays swimming doesn’t have to be anywhere near as monotonous as it once was due to the invention of waterproof MP3 players.

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