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Each NFL season, millions of people want to learn how to play fantasy football. If you’re not a hardcore fan of America‘s most popular sport, the task can seem daunting at first, but anyone can get started on their journey to fantasy football dominance by following the steps listed below. And remember, you can’t win if you don’t play.

How Scoring Works in Fantasy Football

Each fantasy football team is comprised of real-life NFL players, and a traditional fantasy roster is made up of the following positions: quarterback, running back, wide receiver, tight end, kicker, and team defense. Only one quarterback, defense, and kicker are started each week, while two or more runners and receivers help round out your team. Each time a starting player gains a predetermined amount of yardage or scores during an NFL game, you receive points for your team. If your final score is greater than your opponent for the week, you’ll wind up with a mark in the win column.

The most common scoring system awards one point for every 10 yards gained by a runner or receiver, while a quarterback gets a single point for every 25 yards of passing. Touchdowns usually count as six points, although quarterbacks are sometimes limited to four points for passing the ball into the end zone. Scoring for kickers and team defenses is often more complex, so be sure to pay close attention to your league rules.

Drafting a Fantasy Football Team

In order to build your fantasy football team, you’ll need to join a league and participate in a draft. Most leagues are made up of 10 or 12 teams, while fantasy football drafts average between 15 and 20 rounds. Each round, you’ll select one NFL player to add to your roster, and a large segment of fantasy players find the fun and camaraderie of draft day to be the best part of the season.

Starting Your Fantasy Football Line-up

Each week, you will need to examine your roster and select the group of players you feel will score the most points. This might be based on NFL match-ups, or you may prefer to start the same productive players each week. In either case, starting a full fantasy football line-up is a key ingredient for success.

Working the Waiver Wire

During the fantasy football season, you can pick up new players by making trades with other owners or picking up available options off the waiver wire. If you have players who aren’t performing up to expectations, this is the best way to upgrade your team.

As you can see, learning how to play fantasy football isn’t as difficult as you might first imagine. Even if you can’t name all the starting players in the NFL, you can still manage a successful team by utilizing online resources and starting a complete line-up each week. And as your level of experience grows, so will your fantasy football success.

John Clifton writes articles about how to play fantasy football at Fantasy Football Tips. He lives in Texas, where he plays in entirely too many fantasy football leagues every year.

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