The Sports Archives – More FIFA Women’s World Cup Fun Facts and Memories

The 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup tournament in Germany is off to a brilliant start with the favorites living up to expectations.  Germany, Brazil, and the United States are all looking ahead while Equatorial Guinea has played well in its first ever World Cup.

Here are more interesting facts of past and present FIFA Women’s World Cup tournaments.

  • The first FIFA Women’s World Cup tournament held in 1991 had 80 minute matches consisting of two 40 minutes periods.  It was changed to the men’s time of 90 minutes in 1995.
  • The United States is the only team to reach the semi-finals in all five previous World Cup tournaments.
  • The FIFA’s Women’s World Cup trophy is made of marble, silver and gold and is valued at about 30,000 dollars.  (Source: ESPN)
  • To date, more games have been won by women coaches than by men in the Women’s World Cup.
  • To date, the fastest goal in Women’s World Cup history was scored by Sweden’s Lena Videkull just 30 seconds into the match against Japan in 1991.
  • In a 2011 match between Equatorial Guinea and Australia, a defender for Equatorial Guinea caught and held the ball for a few seconds before dropping it to the ground in the penalty area.  The referee did not see the incident and apologized later for missing it.
  • Three members of the 2011 French Women’s team posed nude for a German magazine to draw attention to the Women’s World Cup. Perhaps they were competing with some members of the German Women’s team who posed for Playboy.
  • 2011 US goalkeeper, Hope Solo, underwent extensive shoulder surgery in 2010 and months of painful rehabilitation to make the roster.  She is second all-time in US history for most caps, wins and shutouts for a goalkeeper.  She has lost only once in goal for the US in the past 6 years.
Hope Solo

Goaltender Hope Solo is hoping to lead the US in 2011.

Posted: 07/06/2011

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