The Sports Archives – The Players Championship and Signature Hole Number 17

On May 12, 2011, the PGA Tour stops in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida for the Tournament Players Club at Sawgrass, also known as The Players Championship and TPC at Sawgrass.  The course is best known for its signature 17th hole.

The 17th hole is par-3 and 132 yards.  What’s so bad about that you ask? The hole is called the “Island Green” and is basically an island, a very small piece of real estate about 15 by 25 yards accessed by a narrow path leading up to it.  The island is built up on bulkheads about 3 feet above the surrounding lake surface.  But there’s more, the lake is infested with alligators… (no not really, we made that last part up, but it is Florida!)

Nevertheless, the hole will give the willies to any golfer; amateur or professional, and making par is reason to celebrate.  Golfers need to consider not only wind and water, but also the firmness of the green and it’s height above the water.  Oh yes, did we mention the golfer needs to consider the surrounding body of water?!

One of the greatest putts on the “Island Green” was a 60 footer executed brilliantly by Tiger Woods in the 2000 Players Championship.  You can see it here.

Still the best highlight of the infamous hole featured Steve Lowery who landed a great shot on the green during the 1998 Players Championship only to see his ball picked up by seagull which eventually dropped it into the water.  See the comical act here.  Lowery was able to play his ball where it had originally landed and a new hazard was announced for the 17th…beware of seagulls!

Posted: 5/9/2011

TPC at Sawgrass 17th Hole

TPC at Sawgrass 17th Hole - Beware of Seagulls

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