The Sports Archives – NFL Considers Rule Changes for Kickoffs

Similar to the NHL, the NFL is also taking a closer look at the probable causes of sports injuries. How many times have we seen players limping off the field during a kickoff? The answer is too many and the NFL wants to do something about it. In fact, they already have by limiting the number of players in a blocking wedge to two players during the 2009 season. Now the discussion is to eliminate the blocking wedge altogether.

The kickoff is an exciting part of football.  The assigned special teams practice hard so that they can gain an edge on both the kicking and receiving ends. The kickoff can set or change the momentum for either team. Talks center around possibly moving the kickoff up to the 35 yard line and bringing touchbacks out to the 25 yard line. Well, if they do that, you would have to believe that there will be a lot more touchbacks than there are now and a lot less of those exciting runs up the field. There is also discussion about limiting coverage of how far players can run up before the kickoff. I think I speak for everyone that we are all concerned about the safety of players, but maybe these guys should take a look at rugby!

The truth of the matter is that owners want to protect their investments. But who represents the fans on these decisions? We need to have a system in place like the government where we elect ‘sports’ politicians to represent us. Yes, the fan can help decide whether to trade a player or not! Wait, that won’t work, it would just lead to more corruption!

All kidding aside, what are your thoughts on the proposed NFL changes?

Injured Football Player

Dam! I knew I should have went for the touchback!

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