The Sports Archives – What Afterschool Sport Would Be Beneficial For My Children?

It is important to keep kids active, even after school. Getting your children involved in an afterschool sport will not only aid in their social skills, but will greatly benefit their health. Research has proven that physical activities, especially in teams, will promote confidence as well as the ability to socially function by building upon these life skills. Physical education at school can aid in this, but afterschool sports teams can place them in an environment without the pressure of the classroom. A benefit of encouraging your children to be a part of clubs outside of school allows them to pursue their interests and try new things.
Most schools provide a range of after school sports blubs consisting of football, netball, swimming, rugby or cricket. Each one has its benefits, but what one to choose from?


BKP Netball TourneyA fantastic and fun sport, aimed at focusing on hand eye coordination and teaching ball skills, footwork and match play. Within the sport there is also a position that will suit everyone and can contribute to developing spatial awareness. Seen as more of a female sport, it can encourage young girls to take part in sports and like football it can improve the body’s fitness. It is also a fast paced, fun sport that improves the flexibility of the body and nimbleness.


SwimmingGetting your child involved in afterschool swimming activities is an excellent activity where they can reap health benefits. An ideal aerobic exercise, the activity engages several body parts in an environment that does not stress the joints. Developing this relationship with the water and adapting to it can open up a whole range of other sport related water activities such as water polo.  The other health advantages include those with juvenile arthritis can benefit from the weightlessness of the water and allows for small, low-impact exercises.


football (soccer) kickOne of the most popular after school sports for kids. This sport can help develop your child’s social skills by placing him in a team environment. They will learn to communicate, co-operate as well as building links and relationships. You child will also benefit from increased self-confidence by participating in this team based sport. Like netball, football will help develop motor skills as well as footwork and hand eye co-ordination.


Gavin Henson RugbyIt may seem like a violent sport (Especially for kids, but don’t despair, it is not that brutal), but there are benefits for children taking up this sport as an after school activity. As with football, they will learn to work as part of a team, developing important life building skills such as concentration, determination and discipline. Problem solving through taking on tricky decisions plays an important part in this sport and can help children analyse and deduce situations and complicated issues.
Head and safety gear is usually provided.


Any after school sport may arouse interest in your children to take the sport further. For instance, there are a range of UK Football Trial companies that can help further develop football skills as well as help young children get noticed by professional coaches. Each sport has their unique benefit for children and can teach them those vital life skills, that by learning early, will help them as they grow older.

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By Harry Price

Harry Price is a free-lance writer and personal trainer. He enjoys guest blogging and travelling the country.

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The Sports Archives – The Three Most Financially Irresponsible NBA Players Ever!

As it stacks up against the other major sports, no professional athlete makes more than a professional basketball athlete. According to this article by USA Today, National Basketball Association players make an average of $5.15 million. While the average career length (4.8 years) is less than that of the next two in line (Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League), the average career earnings of an NBA player is nearly $25 million, $7 million more than second most highly paid athletic profession. If this is the case, why are NBA players so likely to be in debt after their careers are over? Let’s take a few snapshots of some of the most irresponsible NBA players and you can have an idea of what goes through the minds of some of these professional basketball players.

The Answer?

Scoring over 24,000 points and averaging over 26 points per game over his career, no one will ever question Allen Iverson’s ability on the basketball court. But, like many athletes it isn’t the on-the-court performance that gets them into trouble, it is off-the-court. Iverson’s infamous line of “We talkin’ about practice,” after missing practice in May 2002, is iconic to Iverson’s brainless actions when not in uniform. Making over $200 million over his 17 seasons, Iverson was banned from casinos across the United States, he pays over $125,000 in credit card payments per month, his large home in Atlanta was foreclosed on, and he pays about $10 grand going out to restaurants. Perhaps he should have practiced some basic personal finance strategies.

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The Sports Archives – The Golfer’s Weapon of Choice: Getting a Handle on Golf Clubs!

Antique Golf Clubs

Antique Golf Clubs

From its Scotland roots amid the 1400’s, golf has developed into an international sporting phenomenon, and has achieved status among millions of people from various age and ethnic groups. However, despite its acquired positive reputation, millions more still remain perplexed by golf, or find it so odd that they dislike the sport entirely. While golf, at a glance, may seem straightforward, it is actually an incredibly complex sport, composed of just as many (if not, more) intricacies as more renowned sports, such as football. Once of these intricacies revolves around the primary tool utilized by the golferthe golf club.

All types of golf clubs are composed of the same key components, including the lance (the shaft by which the player wields the club) and the head (utilized in propelling the ball itself). However, the effect on gameplay is directly linked to the varieties of each component and how they work to benefit the golfer in a diverse selection of scenarios. Most people know that the goal of golf is to get the ball from a starting tee to an end hole. In this instance, the type of golf club controls the ebb and flow of that process, in which the golfer must move his ball to the goal. While additional types have occasionally been suggested or mentioned, there are but 4 official categories defining a model of golf club, classified by their general focus in-game and differing function/appearance: Woods, Irons, Wedges and Putters.

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The Sports Archives – When1913 Umpire Bill Klem Had Last Word!

Umpire MeetingWe all understand the importance that umpires and referees play in the outcome of sports games.  We have seen the defining calls that have turned games lopsided and while half the spectators agree on the call when it is in their favor; the other half now have someone to blame for their team’s woes.   We have all been in that situation.

Bill Klem, the father of baseball umpires, in 1914

Umpire Bill Klem in 1914

It was the early stages of the 1913 baseball season during a scoreless match between the New York Giants and the Philadelphia Phillies when Home-Plate Umpire Bill Klem did what he felt was the right call.

It was the 10th inning and the New York Giants had runners in scoring position with a chance to win the game.  The Giants sent Frank McCormick up as a pinch hitter to finish the Phillies off.  In those times, it was the Umpire’s job to announce a change in batters to the crowd.

What followed next is one for the record books.  Umpire Bill Klem turned around so that he can announce Frank McCormick.  Whether McCormick was ready to hit before or after Klem turned his back is irrelevant, because Philadelphia star pitcher Grover Cleveland Alexander was eager to get on with it.  Alexander pitched a fast ball which McCormick jumped on before Klem got back to calling balls and strikes.

The ball sailed into left field for a hit and the Giant’s Fred Merkle scored the winning run before a startled Bill Klem.  McCormick was on his way to the celebration committee when Klem called him back to the batter’s box.  He ordered both teams back on the diamond and explained that his introduction of Frank McCormick as a pinch hitter was deemed a timeout and that the ball was dead until he announced it was back in play.  Umpire Bill Klem would have the last word and the play was officially nullified.

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The Sports Archives – How to Help Your Kids with Their Soccer Training!

Youth soccer IndianaExercise is a very important part of a child’s development. As well as keeping them fit and healthy it is a great way for them to make friends, to develop leadership and communication skills, and to learn about winning and losing. Soccer training is generally only once of twice a week and there are a number of things you can do to guide and encourage your kid while they learn to play.

Be Part of the Training Sessions

The greatest way of instilling a love of Soccer for Kids is to engage with them and with it. So instead of simply driving those to the Kids Soccer Training session go with them. Stand on the sideline and watch them, your kid is more likely to be excited by the sport if he or she thinks you are too.

Take Some Lessons Yourself

Have a chat with your Kids Soccer Training coach. Most of these coaches teach multiple sessions for multiple age groups, you may be able to join a beginners group or even book a private one-to-one taster session. This is great way for you to improve your own fitness and gain an understanding of the basic rules of play, which will allow you to train with your kid at home.

Go To a Professional Game

Soccer is one of the most popular and widely played games in the world and most cities have a professional football team. As a treat, take your kid to one of these games. By now you should have a basic understanding of the rules and seeing a professional play the sport, with his or her own eyes, will spark their imagination and show them the potential for success this game has.

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The Sports Archives – The Link Between Promotional Wear And Marketing In Sport!

NASCAR Sports SponsorshipLet’s face it, anyone likes a certain sport, because they offer us a chance to unwind and relieve all the stress gathered in a certain day. However, each time we are watching a sport event, no matter how small, we are actually seeing a form of promotional wear marketing.

Marketing and Promotion

Using promotional clothing during an event is a great type of marketing that is used by numerous businesses all over the world to expand their client base. What this basically implies is that the performer or his team/agent signs a contract with a certain business which offers products which can be used in performing that sport. Of course, any type of company can contact an athlete, not specifically the ones with an interest in that domain.

Sports Marketing

This type of sports marketing has been around for decades now and it works perfectly, as the athletes are paid quite a lot to wear those promotional clothes while the companies get the perfect promotion, since most competitions are watched on TV by thousands or even millions of people. This kind of marketing is classed as above the line activity and is usually backed up by online marketing during the same period.

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The Sports Archives – More to Throwing a Ball than Meets the Eye: Baseball Injuries

Baseball pick-off attemptIt should be no surprise that sports and physical injury go hand-in-hand. Depending on the activity, common injuries range from bruised knees and strained muscles to fractured limbs and blown knees. Some sports, like boxing or wrestling, put full focus on incapacitating your opponent and often require competitors to deal out serious damage to achieve victory. Other sports that put a hefty strain on a person’s body can wear them down, leading to possibly less serious injuries over the long-term of that person’s sporting career. On the whole, injuries are extremely serious in the world of sports, and can put a person out of commission for several weeks, an entire season, or even the rest of that person’s life. Baseball, America’s long-standing pastime, is a good example of a seemingly non-dangerous sport that is, in fact, rife with the threat of injury.

Many people may be surprised to learn that the baseball players at highest risk are predominantly pitchers. So, what’s dangerous about throwing a ball back and forth for an hour or two, especially considering other players on the team are sprinting around the outfield and leaping for fly balls? The truth of the matter is, any sharp or jarring physical activity poses a threat to a person’s health regardless of how physically conditioned said player may be. As a result, while pitching for a few hours at a time does not appear physically demanding to spectators, every time the guy on the mound throws a 93 mph fastball, his elbow’s integrity is compromised. Eventually, all it will take is a sharp twist or wild pitch to blow out the player’s elbow.

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