The Sports Archives – Champions League Round Of 16 Knockout Phase

It’s that time of the year again when 16 football (soccer) clubs across Europe come together to battle for bragging rights for top club on the European continent.  This year will be just as exciting as previous years with top contender Real Madrid looking to be the first club to win successive tournaments.

The first legs of the Champions League Round of 16 knockout phase begins on February 17, 2015 with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) up against Chelsea and Shakhtar Donetsk versus Bayern Munich.  The teams will battle each other until the final two standing compete on June 6, 2015 at Olympiastadion, Berlin, Germany.

Here are some facts about this year’s Champions League:

  • In order to participate, clubs must comply with UEFA Financial Fair Play Regulations.
  • This is the first year where a club from Gibraltar, the Lincoln Red Imps, has competed.
  • Ukrainian and Russian clubs will not be drawn against each other due to political conflict as mandated by the UEFA emergency panel.
  • Israeli teams were prohibited hosting any UEFA matches due to the Israel-Gaza conflict of 2014.
  • All yellow card bookings expire at completion of the quarter-final round.
  • Vanishing Spray used in the 2014 World Cup for marking 10 yard distances on free kicks will be used in the Champions League.

Presented below for your visual enjoyment is an infographic from, which includes additional facts about the teams in the round of 16!

Champions League 2015 infographic

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The Sports Archives – Tired Of Skiing? Try White Water Winter Rafting!


Snow drifting, frigid wind blowing, and heart pumping outdoor fun! When you think of high-adrenaline winter sports, usually snowboarding or ski jumping come to mind. But what if you’ve tried them all, and they have kind of lost some of that spark that made them fun in the first place? After all, most of the time, you’ll be waiting in line to get back up the hill, taking gondola rides again and again, for just a few moments of excitement. If want to try something truly unique and thrilling that will push you to your limits, try white water rafting, in the winter! Sound impossible? White water rafting is a popular sport, usually enjoyed during the summer months. However, it may come as a surprise to people that it can be enjoyed in the coldest weather months as well. It may be the winter sport that becomes your personal favorite!

Benefits of Winter Rafting

Roaring white water, surging down the river, carrying you and your crew with breath-taking speed. One of the main benefits of rafting in the wintertime comes from the roaring, crashing white water brought on by the extra precipitation. With the right gear, the cold water can be completely exhilarating! Unlike summer, you won’t have to worry about the hot sun making you sweat and feel sluggish. Another benefit is a complete lack of crowds, getting in your way and turning the experience into an aggravating one. You may be the only people out on the river that day. It is so much more exciting, easier and fun to zip down the river without having to pause to avoid other boaters. What could be better?

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The Sports Archives – Sports Injuries – How To Prevent Them!


If you play sports, you may have injuries pop up here and there. When you get an injury, depending on how bad it is, you may be out of the game for weeks, sometimes even months and that’s never fun. Here, we are going to give you some information on sports injuries and give you some tips on preventing them from ever happening.

Factors for Sports Injuries

Let’s first start by looking at some causative factors for these injuries.

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Injury History
  • Body Size
  • Muscle Strength
  • Skill Level
  • Fitness Level
  • Environment
  • Equipment
  • Psychological State
  • Conditioning Errors
  • Type of Activity

Exactly what is injury prevention?

By changing the individual behavior, the equipment, environment, injuries can be preventable. Here are some methods you can start using in order to prevent injuries from happening.

Warm Up

Before you start your game, you need to do some warm ups. So many people skip the warm ups, thinking they’re not needed, skipping the warm up isn’t a good idea. The reason behind warm ups is to raise the body temperature. When you warm up before actually playing, you will be increasing blood flow to muscles, enhancing the muscles mechanical efficiency, enhancing your cardiovascular capability and enhancing the mental concentration for your sport. You see, there is a reason your instructor always told you to do those warm up exercises before you go out and play.

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The Sports Archives – Hunting Deer: 5 Guidelines

White-tailed deer

Hunting whitetail deer is a cherished pastime that is often passed down from generation to generation. It is a way to create family bonds while also providing a recreational activity that gets the family off the couch and into nature.

Hunting also instills a sense of appreciation within the hunter. Living within the land connects you to the environment around you.

However, there are always new hunters. They have not been groomed by a parental figure in terms of how to hunt. For new hunters out there, as well as beginners, there are guidelines that should be followed in order to hunt successfully.

Patience is a Virtue

Patience is a virtue is an expression applicable to a lot of different situations. When it comes to hunting, it is incredibly applicable. As a hunter, having patience is of utmost importance. You will never see a hunter successfully take down a prized buck by charging into the forest guns blazing.

Successful hunters are those who let the game come to them. Stealth is key as you walk quietly and strategically to the spot that you want to post up. The best strategy is to sit down and wait for your target to come to you. You’ll either want to set up a tree stand or use a large truck as a sort of chair for yourself. Sit quietly and pay attention to your surroundings.

Although it is not ideal for your face, you’ll want to sit in a position where the wind is in your face. The reason for this is scent. Beginners do not have as much experience masking their scent so it is important to have the wind blow towards you, instead of away from you and towards a deer.

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The Sports Archives – History of the Six Nations Rugby Tournament

The locations of the Six Nations.

The locations of the Six Nations.

The Six Nations – currently known as the RBS Six Nations – is one of the biggest international rugby events of the year. This annual tournament features six national sides: England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Italy and France.

It takes place early in the year, and the 2015 tournament will start on February 6 with the last matches held on March 21.

The Home Nations Championship

The tournament started off as the Home Nations Championship in 1883, when it featured England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. It then became the Five Nations Championship in 1910 when France joined, and this lasted until 1931.

From 1932 to 1939 it reverted to the Home Nations Championship, and after the war the Five Nations Championship began again. This carried on until 1999, and the following year the 6 Nations rugby tournament was born with the addition of Italy.

Results over the years

Since the Home Nations Championship began, England and Wales have been the most successful teams, both winning 26 titles. In recent times, Scotland and Italy have been the least successful, with neither managing to win the 6 Nations since the first tournament was held in 2000.

When a team wins every match, they win the Grand Slam. England has won the most Grand Slams with 12, followed by:

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The Sports Archives – Ways to Show Support for Your Team at a Sporting Event

Reliant Stadium

Heading to see the game? Lucky you! Certainly nothing quite beats the atmosphere that surrounds going to a game in the flesh, as opposed to watching it at home on the big screen. However, the best part of going to a football, baseball or basketball game is the chance to show your team how much you are rooting for them. Even if it is something not quite as grandiose, such as your child’s peewee soccer game, the extra show of support for your team can help give that extra push towards victory. So here’s some example ways to show support for your team at a sporting event.

Come Up With a Chant or Song

For those feeling creative, there are fewer ways more suitable to show support for your team than to come up with a victory chant or song to help spur the players on. Admittedly this tactic is only truly helpful if there’s enough people to make it carry, so make sure you have friends with you to make it work. One person chanting on his own probably won’t be heard over the roar of other spectators.  However, once it gets going, you’ll soon see a marked difference in how hard your team starts to play.

If you are really good at it, you may well find your victory chant or song being taken up by other supporters as well.

Bring Drinks and Snacks for the Team

Sure, this is a bit of a Mom thing to do. However, you’d be surprised what bringing in snacks or buying a round of drinks at the bar for a team can do for their morale. If nothing else, it shows that their fans really do think about them and regards them as people, not as sporting machines. Likewise, something sugary like cookies can help keep the team energised while juice can help keep them hydrated.

So not only does it improve morale, but it is very practical too!

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The Sports Archives – My Most Exciting White Water Rafting Trip!

ZanskarAs an avid athlete I have participated in a number of sports. Some of my fondest memories revolve around holidays and vacations that were planned with the sole purpose of participating in some type of sporting activity. Indeed I think I was born with sneakers or flippers on.


I loved to swim, run, bike, and explore, and although these activities continue to be a part of life, I found a passion for water sports as a young teenager. At first I preferred canoeing, and as a Canadian, there were copious lakes and rivers to prospect. After a number of canoe trips, someone introduced me to kayaking, which I thought of as an Olympic sport and way beyond my skills. Nevertheless, I took a few lessons and eventually maneuvered my way through white water. In the meantime, I also became a zealous windsurfer and a competitive rower, but there was still a part of my adventurous side that I could not satiate.


My first experience with white water rafting was on the Madawaska River in Ontario, Canada, affectionately known as the “Mad”. Popular with canoers, kayakers, and rafters for spring and early summer Class II/Class III runs, the lower Mad has plenty of outfitters and put in/take out locations.

Arkansas River White Water Rafting

Family Time

It took a move to Florida and the birth of my son to spur me on to greater challenges. After a few family friendly tours on the famous Suwannee River and the Withlacoochee River, my son became old enough to try something bigger. Furthermore, he was well on his way to becoming an Eagle Scout. Therefore, off we went to New Hampshire. After one week of rock climbing, horseback riding, hiking, white water rafting and kayaking on Class II and III, and a spill or two, he was hooked.

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