The Sports Archives – Taking Flight with Falconry


I have a sneaking suspicion that this creature is involved in this sport…

How many different sports involve animals? Both wild and domestic creatures occupy a much larger field of sports than most people expect. Different forms of animal sports often feature their respective animals in a variety of ways. For example, in sports like racing or fighting, the animal is a central (often, instrumental) component of the activity. In sports like hunting or fishing, the creature is a target or measurement of success. Hunting wild game alone is a surprisingly popular hobby, but perhaps the most refined, elegant animal sport (which, incidentally, is a variation on hunting) is falconry.

What is Falconry?           

For the average person, deriving the nature behind falconry is pretty simple; it must have something to do with falcons, hence the name, right? Formally, this sport partners partakers with birds-of-prey, the most popular of which are hawks, eagles, and, of course, falcons, and involves the development of an intimate relationship with a cultivated raptor birds. The culmination of this process features “teamed” hunting of wild prey in a non-artificial environment. Though the terms “falconer” and “falconry” once referred specifically to practitioners of this sport who worked exclusively with falcons, the name has come to universally address all birds-of-prey and trainers of the craft, respectively.


If nothing else, the sport certainly is photogenic!

Like many sports, falconry features deep elements of complexity, artistry, and the
spread of global culture. The sport aspects of the trade come in primarily with experienced raptors and humans alike – this is when active hunting in an environment is optimized. However, falconry does not begin and end with hunting. Breeding, domestication, the development of personal connections, and persistence are all elements of falconry that may not seem immediately present in such an undertaking. Becoming a “falconer” requires commitment and a desire for more than just entertainment and recreation. After all, half of the sport itself is carried out by a creature that is not even human!

The procedure and execution of hunting with a raptor may seem daunting, and rightfully so; a predator like the falcon must be untethered and free to hunt according to its nature, but depending on its training, the behaviors it exhibits in a natural environment can be controlled to some extent by the falconer. Proper falconry training features beginning at a young age (for the bird) and a lot of easy, natural repetition. Technically speaking, the bird may need more time practicing the craft than its commanding human!


Bare-handed falconry is as questionable and more unsafe than bare-back horse riding. Use a glove! It is also more comfortable for the perching bird.

The equipment that goes into falconry can vary from complex and expensive to basic and “organic.” One of the most important pieces of equipment that is widely regarded as “necessary” for any falconer is a leather glove or gauntlet. All raptors have sharp talons (used naturally for hunting) and, as a result, allowing them to perch on an exposed hand or arm is generally not recommended. Other equipment may include certain mounted or worn gear for the birds while flying, designed to improve comfort and promote calmness. Certain electronics may be equipped/attached to make tracking and working unanimously easier for man and bird in the process of hunting.

            Why Falconry is Awesome…

            Falconry is, admittedly, unorthodox compared to what much of the world would commonly define as a “sport”, but part of what makes it such a powerful, inspiring activity is how alike a sport it is, despite involving naturally feral, non-human creatures. Falconry requires teamwork, commitment, a competitive spirit, and perseverance – from ALL of its participants – and it manages to bring mankind and elevated sense of communication, purpose, and environmental awareness.

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The Sports Archives – Yogi Berra: Passing into Legend

On September 25th, 2015, the world lost one of the greatest, most beloved baseball players of all time. Lawrence Peter Berra, known more popularly by his nickname, “Yogi,” died in New Jersey. Berra purportedly passed away in his sleep, dying naturally at the age of 90. A funeral in his honor is scheduled for tomorrow at the time of this writing – the 29th of September. The Yankees Entertainment and Sports Network is set up to provide coverage of the tribute.

Professional Accomplishments

“Yogi” Berra in 2009.

In life, Berra was a renowned baseball player, fulfilling the pivotal role of catcher on the field for over 19 years of Major-League Baseball in the early-mid 1900’s. Most of Berra’s professional career saw him playing for the New York Yankees, and a deep commitment to the sport brought him equally close to the team. In his prime years, Berra was a quick and limber catcher, partnering up well with nearly any pitcher on the team. Besides an exceptional performance statistics record, Berra has had over 10 World-Series and 18 All-star victories. Perhaps his most outstanding achievement as a baseball player is his stature as a 3-time recipient of the American League Most Valuable Player Award (also known as “the M.V.P”). This impressively rare feat is exclusive to a mere 4 other players in the history of M.L.B.!

Following the height of his playing career, Berra maintained his contributions to the craft by professionally managing both the New York Yankees and the New York Mets. Between both teams, Berra saw nearly 500 wins over 1964—1985, and retired from the managerial position with a win percentage of over 50%! From his combined roles as catcher, coach, and manager, Berra has attended 21 World Series championships with the Yankees and won more than half of them!


Berra’s professional record describes an extraordinarily skilled and committed sportsman, but it may seem surprising that, of all the facets of such a remarkable man, what people will remember most about him is his personality. Berra was well known for certain sayings and expressions – considered “words of wisdom” to many of the people who associated with him – that contained deep meanings despite their literal wording. Informally dubbed as “Yogi-isms”, some of the more renowned of these expressions include saying like “I really didn’t say everything I said,” or “You can observe a lot by watching.” These warm, insightful expressions reflected the true man behind the athlete – something that is easily lost in the competitive modern world.


“Yogi-isms.” ‘Nuff said.

The significance of “Yogi-isms” lies in its appeal and its meaning. Yogi Berra should absolutely be remembered as an incredible baseball player, but even more so, he should not be forgotten for the man that he was. Perhaps his sayings are his greatest legacy – the element of his person that made him a unique individual. Yogi Berra was truly a “one-of-a-kind character.”


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The Sports Archives – That’s a Record Home Run!


Barry Bonds, retired left-fielder of Major-League Baseball, holds the record for most home runs hit in a single career to this day.

Most baseball enthusiasts are quite familiar with the tumultuous roar of excitement that accompanies a home run. In baseball, a home run is officially categorized as any successful hit made by a batter that (provided the defense commits no errors) allows said batter to round the 3 bases on the field and home plate, all in one single play. Most commonly, a home run is executed by striking the ball with enough power to send it beyond the confines of the playing field – after all, a player cannot be tagged “out” if the ball cannot be physically retrieved to complete a play! Despite being much more rare (especially in the more professional leagues) “Inside-the-park” home runs also exist, and are usually achieved via lucky hits that reach almost as far into the outfield as standard home runs (and/or if the batter is a speedy baserunner). Surprise home runs can come to be known as the “turning point” to a game, especially if the scoring team has been performing badly. The shock and entertainment value of home runs can shake even the most stalwart defense and invigorate fans in a short period of time, bringing life back to a game that may have been losing pace. Because of this, it is easy to see why home runs are so iconic and appreciable.

Making of Legends – The “500 Home Run” Club


Babe Ruth was the “founding member” of the 500-Home Run Club, and hit a total of 714 home runs over the course of his career. He was a true American hero of the 1920’s and remains an inspirational figure in baseball for decades to come.

Hitting a home run is a daunting task to the average baseball player. Even professionals, most of the time, aim to simply make contact with the pitch and score a base hit. Other players have the power and coordination that makes cracking a long shot a greater possibility. Now, imagine being a professional batter and hitting over 500 home runs in a single career. Very few players achieve such a feat, and for the successful, entry into a special club of honor is permitted. This aptly-  named group is called the “500 Home Run” Club.

The “500 Home Run” Club is reserved for only the most renowned hitters in the history of Major-League Baseball. The first “official” member of this club is none other than George Herman Ruth, Jr., or, as he is more popularly known in baseball history, “Babe Ruth.” Ruth hit his 500th on the 11th of August, 1929, and in addition to this historic bat, managed to achieve 214 more home runs in his career. The organization has grown to include over 26 members over the history of MLB, recently acquiring its 27th, David “Big Papi” Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox, just a couple weeks ago. The 500-Home Run Club is often considered a foreshadowing promise of entry into the Baseball Hall of Fame for players that gain access to it, but although most (not all) players are elected to the Hall of Fame later in time, this is not entirely true. In fact, even the #1-ranked player for most home runs hit in a career, Barry Bonds, has yet to be considered for this honor, despite achieving over 750 home run bats between 1986 and 2007. Unfortunately, admission into the Baseball Hall of Fame is both limited and determined by election, not necessarily achievement.


David “Big Papi” Ortiz, the 500-Home Run Club’s newest member as of September 25th, 2015.

It is possible that the accomplishment of so many home runs for a single individual has, over time, declined in prestige. In more recent years, the hallmarks of performance and human integrity have also become tarnished by the stigma of performance-enhancing drugs and steroids. Despite controversy, however, home runs are (and shall continue) to remain one of the defining elements of success and commendation in the world of professional (and recreational) baseball.

Interested in the footage for Big Papi’s latest home run? Go here:

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The Sports Archives – Dynamics of College Sports

The most popular sports in a community can be represented in any number of divisions or ‘tiers’ – Baseball alone is found at the pro-level in many nations, but it is also a prestigious activity at the college and high school levels, and even among the young crowds of ‘Little League’, who are just starting out their athletic (and, potentially, lifelong) careers. Modern, professional-level football/rugby was even founded in a collegiate environment in England during the 19th century. Naturally, only the professional-level teams and games of most sports capture a national community’s attention to any significant degree, but over time, many college sports have developed rivalries between schools, and grown in following to compete with even the pro-sports industry in multiple ways. What is the relationship between college-level and professional sports, and how are college athletics influencing culture and society of the modern world?

‘College Sport’ Tiers


Competitive college sports are a nationwide phenomena in the U.S.A.!

One of the best specimens of a country with heavy involvement in college sports is the United States. In the U.S., college sports are generally based on two main categories – “sanctioned” and “unsanctioned.” Sanctioned collegiate sports are very akin to the world of the professionals; participation is not global, meaning that only the best are selected to compete. The stakes are, by extension, high in this category, and divisions that fall under it can be thought of as a gateway for rising athletes into the realm of pro-sports. A renowned example of this sanctioned sports category features the rivalry between the Florida Gators and the Florida State Seminoles.  By contrast, unsanctioned collegiate sports are more recreationally-focused and all-inclusive; they also include sports clubs and recreational organizations. Unsanctioned collegiate sports are usually less popular from a competitive standpoint, but are still enjoyed by a wide variety of athletes.

Public Opinion of College Sports


With college athletics come college rivalry. The Gator / ‘Noles rivalry between the University of Florida and Florida State University is nearly unmatched.

Depending on the popularity of each particular sport, college athletics can be an effective source of revenue for universities. The collegiate sport that brings in “the big bucks” is, unsurprisingly, football. Football among large colleges and universities across the United States collectively produce hundreds of millions of dollars each year, and for most schools, this cherished sport generates enough money to fund all other athletic activities on campus. Men’s basketball trails modestly behind, but is pretty much the only college sport remotely worthy of the title “second place.” A good season of basketball for most universities amounts to barely half of the money generated by America’s modern favorite. When it comes to managing business, marketing, and opportunity, the N.C.A.A. (The National Collegiate Athletic Association) holds the crown in America.

The Influence of the Community


The college community, in addition to the general populace, has a civil obligation to support and uphold college athletics.

College sports remain a fundamentally critical facet of society as a professional entertainment outlet for the national community, a path for young, budding athletes towards a big-leagues career, or even as a recreational hobby promoting comradery and discovery in schools. The role of the individual, as well as the public community, in keeping college sports alive and in force cannot be ignored.

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The Sports Archives – Wayne Rooney gets thumbs up After a 4-0 Win Against Club Brugge!

Louis Van Gaal Manchester United’s Manager recently praised team captain Wayne Rooney’s attitude after the English striker successfully netted in a superb hat-trick at the Champion’s League game against Club Brugge. The English team won 4-0 against Club Brugge!

Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney, who also serves as England’s national team striker, had a spree of ten games without netting any goals. Last Wednesday however. Wayne Rooney proved his worth to the Old Trafford team helping his club attain a seven to one aggregate score in the play-off of Europe’s Champions’ League.

Team manager Louis Van Gaal is confident that he as the manager has played a critical role in helping keep Rooney’s confidence up! As he went on a dry spell for too long for a striker and a captain. In a post-match interview, Louis Van Gaal told reporters that he has always given Rooney the confidence a player requires.

However, Van Gaal added that he believes Wayne Rooney to harbor a high mentality and with his level of playing, he always has a comeback that he proved after scoring a hat-trick.

Punters engaging on free bet forums, back the manager when he insisted that Rooney still has a long way to navigate, and the club as well, and the road ahead wasn’t easy. However, all indications show that both the player and the Red Devil’s team as a whole is fighting its way to the top!

The Manager’s Team of Choice

As the head of the Manchester United Club, Louis Van Gaal gave Ander Herrera his first start of the season by playing in Bruges. The Spaniard player lived up to his name, and he did a splendid job not letting down his manager and team at large.

Herrera guided Captain Rooney on his 3rd goal and went ahead to net in the 4th goal for the Red Devils. Ander’s shot was a calm finish that he delivered after receiving an excellent throw in from Bastian Schweinsteiger.

By the time Manchester United were playing Club Brugge on their home turf, punters betting on free bets had given up hope on a Wayne Rooney come back. After the match, manager Van Gaal was reluctant in praising the Spaniard Ander Herrera how.

Analysts following the game, however, fault Van Gaal as they suggest that the former Athletic Bilbao player adequately filled the no.10 position after Adnan Januzaj came off the pitch during half-time.

Louis Van Gaal’s Position on Other Players

After watching Javier Hernandez spur a chance of netting in a shot from the penalty spot later in the game, Van Gaal reviewed Javier’s play as a terrible start.

In his words manager, Van Gaal stated that the Spaniard (Ander Herrera) suffered a lot of ball losses and was served with a yellow card. At that instant, Van Gaal was thinking of changing the player but decided against that move after the player gave a comeback.

Van Gaal continued to suggest that after the comeback, the Spaniard played an excellent match at the double-six position and after filling the no. Ten position, he played better! Van Gaal was seen smiling and nodding in recognition of the Spaniard’s player’s great game!


Wayne Rooney failed to perform tremendously on Sunday 30th August after Manchester United lost to Swansea 2-1 during the Super Sunday match. The small team beat one of the Giants, and Van Gaal is not too happy with the outcome of the game!

This article was written by sports writer Tony Samboras who has been a fan of Man United since he was 12. Being a big fan of soccer and in particular Man United Tony is always keen on writing about his favorite team. He currently writes full-time about free online sports bets.

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The Sports Archives – Top 5 ATP Tennis Moments Of Recent Times

wimbledon court

Top 5 ATP Tennis Moments of Recent Times

Over the years the ATP World Tour has provided us with countless memorable matches. These include moments of brilliance, huge winning streaks and freak results. With so many great players and legends of the game the choice is endless. In this article we look at the top 5 ATP tennis moments of the past decade.

Federer vs Nadal 2008 Wimbledon Final

Without a doubt the 2008 Wimbledon final between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal was the top tennis match in recent times. The players were playing for 4 hours and 48 minutes but the match was spread across the full day due to weather conditions. This only added to the drama. At the time, Federer was dominant on the grass courts and Nadal was yet to win a Wimbledon title. Federer went into the match as favourite. The crowd was instantly stunned when out of nowhere Nadal raced to a two set lead and well on course for his first Wimbledon title. The next two sets were tight and Federer was able to level the match over two tie breaks. Due to constant rain delays the players were forced on and off the court and by the time the final set was in play the light was failing. Both players were now in form with Federer not wanting to lose his grass court dominance and Nadal wanting to achieve his childhood dream and with no tie break in the final set at 6/6 we were into sudden death. It was Nadal who was eventually victorious and by the time Championship point was won you could see the flashes being used by the crowds due to the bad light. Final score 6–4, 6–4, 6–7, 6–7, 9–7. This was the longest final in Wimbledon history and with all the drama, the two great champions and its stop and a start nature it has to be the number one tennis moment of recent times.

Novak Djokovic vs Andy Murray 2013 Wimbledon Final

12 month previously Andy Murray had come so close to his dream of lifting the Wimbledon title when he made the final and faced Roger Federer. Murray took the opening set and for a set and a half the fans were thinking just maybe. But it wasn’t to be and the Swiss Maestro stepped it up a gear showing us all why he is thought of by so many as the best player of all time. A year later Murray found himself back in the Wimbledon final and this time he faced Novak Djokovic. Everything felt a little different this year. In the twelve month run up to the match Murray won his first Grand Slam title at the US Open and Olympic Gold in London. Was he ready for the final test? He certainly was and although British fans were biting their nails for the duration of the match he won the title in straight sets.

Sampras vs Federer 2001 Wimbledon 4th Round

Roger FedererSampras vs Federer 2001 has been selected because of its significance in the tennis world. Up until his retirement Pete Sampras was the dominant force in the men’s game and was unstoppable on the grass courts of Wimbledon. Sampras won the Wimbledon crown 7 times and back then no one thought that this kind of record would ever be broken. The two met in the 4th round and Federer moved a set ahead twice before being pegged back by the legend of the game. But a youthful Federer always believed he could take the match and won the deciding set. Final score 7-6 5-7 6-4 6-7 7-5. Roger Federer has since beaten the majority of the records set by Sampras and it all started at this match. This was the changing of the guard!

Federer vs Nadal 2007 Hamburg

This is a match that not many would think of for their top 5 tennis moments but hold great significance.  Federer and Nadal contested the Hamburg final and going into the match the Spaniard was an unstoppable force on the clay on a winning streak of 81 consecutive matches. It was this winning streak that has earned Nadal the title “King of Clay”. He and Federer met in clay court finals time and time again but Rafa always found a way to win. But not this time. Nadal took the opening set as expected by a score line of 6/2. From this point on something got into Federer and he blew the King off the court. He took the second set 6/2 and then demolished Nadal 6/0 in the decider. It was this match that ended one of the greatest winning streaks in tennis.

Isner vs Mahut 2010 Wimbledon First Round

The Isner vs Mahut match has to appear in any top tennis moments list. It may not have produced the best tennis the world has ever seen but the freak result was something never seen before in the sport’s history and attracted media attention all over the world. This was the longest tennis match ever played lasting a huge 8 hours 11 minutes. The match started on Tuesday 22nd June at 18:13 and at 21:07 play was stopped due to poor lighting. The match was back on court the following day at 14:05 and was again halted at 21:09. Play resumed on Thursday 24th June at 15:40 and was eventually won by John Isner at 16:47 by a score line of 6–4, 3–6, 6–7, 7–6, 70–68. Crowds built around the court to see this spectacle and the players had their photos taking next to the scoreboard at the end of the match. Needless to say the match took it out of Isner and he was beaten comfortable in straight sets in the following round.

Everyone’s top 5 tennis matches is different and with the sport providing so many memorable moments the question generates a lot of debate. But everyone will agree that the level of the sport has never been better and we can expect many more great matches over the coming years.

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Lee is one of the head writers for World Tennis Trading and a tennis fanatic. When he’s not glued to the telly watching the ATP tour he is reading news and statistics. Lee earns a living from the sport he loves.

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The Sports Archives – Streaming Law: The Online Sports Business


The almighty copyright symbol was already one of the most important tools in protecting creative ownership and usage rights. With a growing usage of the internet and digital media, its significance has increased tenfold!

The world is presently in an era of technological supremacy. Laptops, tablets, smartphones, wireless networks, streaming…the power of global connections now dominate everyday life. Consequently, sports, along with many other services, are now at the public’s fingertips via the internet. However, in being driven by a huge business industry, critical copyright properties and ownership laws apply to nearly all sports media that passes over the airwaves. In regards to what “is and isn’t allowed” in the realm of streaming sports and broadcasts, it may be surprising to some people just how many rules there are regarding public access to games on the internet. Here is a brief overview of the mechanisms at work in the online sports trade.

The Basics – Accessing a Game


Online networks like Fox Sports and ESPN are responsible for much of the official sports coverage across the globe.

An analysis of the online sports service should begin with how a spectator watches a game. Via public airways, there are a couple of different options available to patrons, including live-streaming on the web, and watching the broadcast on a television channel. In the interest of encouraging the local community to watch the game in person, broadcast organizations often partake in geo-blocking access to locations for some games (i.e. broadcasters may restrict German spectators from watching a German home game online). Geo-blocking does have its workarounds, some of which are not even considered illegal (according to the terms of service and the exact “verbiage” of copyright laws) but it is instituted for the purpose of maintaining business.

So some games are meant to be restricted – what does this do to the future?


Relatively new, streaming has only gained much of its popularity in recent years, but it is rapidly becoming one of the most-utilized tech resources on Earth.

Think about it; many sports channels are only available via cable and paid television services. Public television is available for general viewing, but part of the financial aspects of sports includes agreements between broadcast companies, media distributors, and so on. Unfortunately, due to the rise of the internet and “technological interconnectedness” over the past decade, businesses that work in the media are having a harder and harder time in keeping control of what is available for free, and what requires monetary investment. After all, “backdoor streaming” a football game that is not available via official access routes is technically internet piracy. Without question, the power of the internet has created instability between the public community and the streaming industry for sports. As the web becomes more popular, and integral to modern life, businesses will only have a harder time maintaining control of their resources, and the people will become ever-bolder in seizing what they can for themselves.

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