The Sports Archives – The Beginner’s Guide To A Hobby In Motorsport

2010 Malaysian GP opening lap If you’ve ever watched a Formula 1 race and wondered what it would be like to drive competitively, you’re not alone. Many people think that taking up a hobby in a motor sport is prohibitively expensive and out of the realms of reality for the regular hobbyist. Whilst you’re not going to achieve the outright speed of a Formula 1 racer, it’s definitely possible to race your own car competitively each weekend for only a modest outlay.

How Do I Start?

Firstly, you need to know what flavours of motor racing are on offer. The two obvious choices are hill climbs and sprints. Both are timed affairs where you race your own car against the clock. Sprints feature circuit racing on a disused airfield or “proper” race track, and hill climbs will typically be done on a closed public road that winds to the top of a hill.

Why Choose These Events?

If you’re new to competitive racing, you’ll probably only have a limited budget. These two disciplines allow you to compete in your own car, and because each competitor races against the clock, there is only ever a single vehicle on the track at any one time. This has the huge advantage that you won’t crash into other drivers!

By racing against the clock, you’re actually only competing with your last time, rather than against the other drivers, so the overall experience is much more friendly and less pressured. It also means that it makes little difference what car you bring, and many drivers choose to race in their daily vehicle!

Once you get the bug for this type of racing, you can enter more specialist, powerful machinery in a bid to complete the run faster.

Things You’ll Need

Firstly, you’ll need a licence. This costs around £30 a year for a beginner and allows you to compete at a basic level. The next thing you’ll need is a club or championship membership. Each event you enter is likely to cost around £80. The only other considerations are that you have a roadworthy car with an MOT and insurance for the event. This really is bargain racing!

Car Modifications

As mentioned above, it’s perfectly possible to compete in your standard daily driven car, so you won’t need to hire any expensive body shop equipment to fit roll cages and the like.

The only real piece of equipment your car should have onboard is a fire extinguisher. You’ll need an approved fire proof suit and a crash helmet for your own protection, but apart from that, you’re ready to race!

Have Fun Out There

Remember, sprinting and hill climbing are all about beating your last time. There’s no need to be nervous or feel embarrassed around the other drivers. They’ll all be concentrating on their own times! It’s best to simply get out there, start very slow and pick up the pace with each run. This type of motor sport is a great way to improve your confidence and meet new friends. Good luck!

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By Harry Price

Harry Price is a successful author and entrepreneur. He enjoys playing competitive poker and participating in the biggest motorsport events around the world.

World Touring Car Championship 2012 Race of Japan: Opening lap of Race 1

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The Sports Archives – A Comprehensive Guide To Sports Orthopedics

sports-orthopedicsOrthopedic medicine deals specifically with treating the musculoskeletal system to ensure that a body’s joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves and bones are functioning correctly so a person can enjoy regular movement. Injuries that occur in competitive athletes or active individuals are among the most common reasons for needing orthopedic care.

This has made sports orthopedics a particularly important area of specialty in healthcare. It can be extremely difficult on someone who is used to being very involved in physical activities to be down and out with an injury, so it’s the goal of sports orthopedics to restore their ability to be on the move once again.

Sports Injuries That Routinely Occur

Being active in any capacity automatically presents the chance for an injury to develop, but this is especially true the more often you participate in recreation that overexerts the body or in a competitive sport. Sports orthopedic specialists routinely see injuries that include knee trauma, torn rotator cuffs, sprain, strains and fractures, shoulder dislocation and separation, damaged ligaments in the elbow and arthritis. Sports-related injuries require a specialized kind of training and skill and rely on the knowledge of soft tissue biomechanics for healing and repair.

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The Sports Archives – Men’s Final Four Facts And Stats Of March Madness!

Uconn Huskies logo 2013The 2014  UConn (University of Connecticut) Huskies men’s and women’s college basketball teams have just claimed the National Title in their respective leagues. They are the only school in NCAA Division I basketball history-to-date, where both have taken the title in the same season. In fact, this is the second time they have swept the championship in the same season having accomplished it previously in 2004.  It’s amazing that UConn has achieved this twice while no other school has completed it once!

The lady Huskies have recorded an NCAA-record five undefeated championship seasons: 1995, 2002, 2009, 2010, and now 2014. They have won the National Championship a record nine times! The men’s team have won the title 4 times to-date since 1999 with only four other schools having won more, including Michael Jordan’s North Carolina.

Here is a rundown of facts and statistics of NCAA Final Four Men’s Basketball as of 2014:

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The Sports Archives – How To Find The Perfect Tennis Racquet!

Choosing a tennis racquet sounds like a simple task, but with so many different brands and styles on the market, it can be downright intimidating. Should you purchase an ultra-light model for superior control or go for more power with a heavier model? What about the head size, string type or all of those new, high-tech features?

When you’re staring down a few dozen racquets, it may be difficult to know where to start. Midwest Sports designed this infographic to help you figure it all out.

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The Sports Archives – Good Sporting Game: Top 6 Sporting Attractions In The Cotswolds!

Sport is something which is very prominent in the Cotswolds. Vast countryside and rolling hills means sports such as walking, hiking, shooting and horse-riding are all very popular. With such a deep-rooted sporting pride, come many world-renowned sporting attractions.

Visitors from all over the world come to witness these amazing events, revelling in the picturesque beauty of the Cotswolds, the fine food, traditional pubs and luxury country hotels as well as being part of some remarkable and notable sporting events.

Here are the top six sporting attractions and events in the Cotswolds:

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The Sports Archives – From Football (Soccer) Player To Legend!

From Football Player To Legend

David BeckhamBritain is obsessed with football. It’s our most popular sport by far. It’s also one of the most competitive and toughest sports to break into if you’re an aspiring player. Everyone wants to be a football pro. They see the style, the speed and the talent of the pros and they want a piece of the action, and let’s be honest, the massive wages. If you’re dead set on being a football pro, you’re going to need all the advantages you can get. Here’s some top tips to get you started:

Keeping Fit

Being physically fit is massively important. You can’t do much in this game if you’re out of shape. You must keep a careful track of your diet as well as the amount and type of exercise you are doing on a daily basis.

It’s important to have a daily practice and exercise routine in place. Football is a very physically demanding game, and once you hit the higher leagues, you’ll be left behind if your fitness isn’t at its peak. Having a tight regime in place will also help to develop a strong character. Essential if you’re going to try for the big leagues.

Practice For Different Positions

If you’re a young player, skills trump tactics. You need to practice ball control first, then passing and shooting. You shouldn’t worry too much about adopting a position too early on. Your skill set will change as you train, and over your career as a youth player, you’ll often change positions a few times until you decide where on the field suits you best.

Listen to your coach. A decent coach will help to guide you to your ideal position. They’ll give you advice and motivation if you’re struggling and help to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Learn the basics, and the rest will come naturally.

Grow Your Confidence

Finally, you must be confident that you can achieve your dreams. Focus on the fact that you can become a great player and never give up. If you want to make it at this sport, you’re going to need laser-like focus and bags of confidence in your abilities. As a teenager, you’ll face football trial after trial in the hope of getting selected for a pro team’s youth side. Stick at it. Everyone gets rejected.

Be Realistic

It’s vitally important to keep a level head when you’re embarking on a career in football. School and studying can be a massive chore, but if you don’t make it, you’ll need your grades to fall back on. Working hard at the academic stuff will teach you discipline, but also keep you grounded: You need to realise that not everyone makes it, and a balanced, measured outlook will prevent a whole lot of heartache and sadness further down the line.

Stay Positive

Football scouts are definitely looking for skills above all else, but many put a huge emphasis on character. Positivity, drive, and a willingness to succeed are the types of traits that win matches. Keep pushing forward, and who knows, some day you might make it to the big leagues.

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By Harry Price

Harry Price is a guest blogger and personal trainer. He enjoys the great outdoors, travelling and marathon training.

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The Sports Archives – The Science Of Fishing – Which Is Better Natural Or Artificial Bait?

Green Highlander salmon flyI would like to point out from the beginning that I am not an angler, I have never held a rod and my knowledge of fish species is so limited that I am I am merely at the level of knowing that sharks have teeth and tuna steaks are tasty. You may well ask why I am writing about fishing and the answer is that my interest has been piqued by an argument over bait.

Hot Topic

I may have little interest in the art but I know a man who does and so I have heard the debate over the relative merits of different baits.  The question of whether natural or artificial bait would be best seemed to me to be rather obvious. Would I prefer to eat a tuna steak or a piece of plastic? However, the rain forests of Brazil have been severely diminished by the amount of print devoted to this subject and so I decided to do a little research into the matter. Either I was going to end up feeling like an idiot or millions of fishermen have been getting writer’s cramp for no good reason.

Important Discovery

As soon as I started reading I had an epiphany. I realised that I was actually in possession of some valuable insight into the subject of luring fish. You only have to scratch the surface of the issue of bait to realise that the crucial question is what makes a fish think that something is edible? The answer, it would appear, is appearance, movement and scent which brings me to my moment of enlightenment. A couple of years ago I was enjoying a holiday in Italy (apart from being stung by a jelly fish). There was plenty of aquatic life in the Mediterranean and I wondered if I could attract some of the fish closer to me. The only thing I had to hand was my lunch and so I sprinkled some on the water and it sparked a feeding frenzy. I had made the crucial discovery that fish like cheesy puffs!

Tasty Cheese

I didn’t give the incident much thought at the time but now I see that it was a revelation. Cheese is not a naturally occurring substance in the ocean and as such is not usually on the menu of any fish species and yet they were attacking each other to get to my puffs. There was something about the scent of those things that sent the fish wild. So perhaps the question of natural bait and artificial bait is more complicated than I first thought.


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