The Sports Archives – Baseball vs. Football as America’s Pastime




The Cincinnati Red Stockings of 1869 – America’s first professional baseball team. This team’s legacy lives on today through the Boston Red Sox team, the name of which was inspired by the Red Stockings.

Baseball has dominated the sporting industry in the United States since the 19th Century, and is rapidly approaching the 170th anniversary of its first game on American soil. Today, there are 30 baseball stadiums currently operating under Major-League Baseball (MLB) in the United States, with each belonging to one of the 15 American-League or 15 National-League MLB baseball teams. In 1869, the first professional baseball team in the U.S. was founded as an exclusive “club” under the name of the “Cincinnati Red Stockings.” Yet, despite the significance of this unique, popular sport in the history of America’s culture of recreation, baseball’s title as the official pastime in the U.S.A. is perpetually challenged by what is arguably the most popular American sport of the modern day – football. A metaphorical cold war has existed between MLB and the NFL for as long as the two have been competitive, and, unfortunately, whether America’s pastime should be reserved for baseball or American football remains subjective. Indeed, popular opinion will be the deciding factor on who claims the description of America’s pastime, so here are a few important facts about each sport that might help you take a side in the battle over this prestigious title:


  1. Technically, neither sport is an original American invention. The origin of both sports is fairly obscure; initially, baseball was thought to have been invented by a New York man named Abner Doubleday in 1839, but this was later revealed to be a myth. Historically, baseball seems to be an evolution of “cricket” and “rounders,” which are both English sports. The derivation of “baseball” occurred in the early 19th Century with the help of a man named Alexander Cartwright. Similarly, American football was

    The rugby ball used in the World Cup of 2015. It is slightly rounder than the traditional NFL football, but is functionally the same otherwise.

    derived from similar games in England (where it is commonly referred to as “rugby” today). Like the changes to baseball imposed by Cartwright, modern American football resulted from rule alterations courtesy of college graduate Walter Camp. Overall, neither sport is entirely American, though, if the argument were to be made, baseball is slightly more original based on a greater deviance from its root sports.


  1. While both sports are athletically rooted, baseball is focused more on technique, whereas football popularizes brute strength and strategy. In baseball, the defending team needs to coordinate fielders to prevent batters from rounding the bases and reaching home plate. This is achieved by gaining control of the ball (once it is struck by the batter from home plate) and moving the ball across the field to the base-running area. A player that gains possession of the ball whilst guarding a base can tag a player “out,” and 3 outs result in the teams swapping play objectives. Thus, as the main object of both teams is to manipulate the position of the ball while simultaneously keeping as little contact with it as possible, baseball is a very technical sport predicated on clean, efficient play. In contrast, football consists of a race against the clock, in which both teams attempt to coordinate ground-gaining plays to move the ball into the opponent’s goal area at the end of the field. While the team in possession of the ball uses blocking, throwing, and running tactics to move their ball, the defenders ensure the quarterback (the player chiefly responsible for the ball’s movement) gains as little ground as possible. Both sports embody significant American values – competitive spirit, teamwork, athletic prowess – but which specific trait is more defining for the United States as a whole – skill or strategy?


  1. Public opinion in the U.S. favors the National Football League. Perhaps the most significant argument in favor of football over baseball is the numbers as they exist in modern-day America. In the 2011-2012 fiscal year, the combined television contracts for the NHL, MLB, and the NBA barely amounted to 1/3 of that of the NFL, with marketing expenses numbering at over $3 billion. The average market value of the NFL’s teams exceeded $1.1 billion for the same year – close to double those of MLB, and, most importantly, the NFL brought in an additional $1.8 billion in sales revenue over MLB’s 7.7. While in some areas, the NFL does not come out on top by such a significant margin, the numbers are definitely stacked in football’s favor. While the NFL and MLB are only the top divisions for each respective sport in the U.S., they speak loudest on public opinion. MLB, despite its lagging behind the NFL, still dominates 2nd place in nearly all statistics when compared with other members of the National Sports Leagues of America.revenuesports


    Top: Total Revenues for each League in the 2011-2012 year. It favors the NFL by a considerable margin, with MLB chasing it in 2nd place. Bottom: The Market Value of Teams in each League (measured via salary totals, popularity/demand, etc.) NFL once again leads MLB, with nearly double a sum market value for the teams in the league and negligible difference in the number of teams (MLB’s 30 to NFL’s 32).


Baseball is preached as America’s pastime by highly-accredited sources across the nation, but the numbers have shown favoritism towards football in recent years. Is the public opinion changing? Will baseball be overtaken by a large margin by football in the public eye over the course of just 10 more years of American sports? The answer to this question may be largely influenced by you. Consider these 3 important facts carefully and take a stand! By your own opinion, the answer to the question “What is America’s Pastime?” may very well be set-in-stone someday!

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The Sports Archives – Paragliding- At least Once In A Lifetime!

Millions of people, mostly kids would have a part of their life emerged in the fantasy world of Peter Pan, Harry Potter, magics, and miracles. Trying to fly among the sparkling stars painted on the canvas of the night, just like peter pan did in the story. I still have that urge of flying in the blue sky with that broom of Harry Potter. However,  I don’t have any idea, how J. M. Barrie and  J.K. Rowling made their book characters fly that high.


Alas!  We don’t have those magic chants and potions. Still, we can fly high with the artificial wings called as paramotors.

Paragliding is an adventure that you should do at least once in your life. It’s awesome to feel the air under your feet! You are going to glide like birds in the sky, gathering some of the most amazing views of your dear planet, Earth. The thrill, and the rush of adrenaline inside the veins, every bit of it is exciting. All you need is a proper training before heading towards this lifetime experience.


 For Beginners – Thrill as Well as Fun

Before experiencing it myself, I used to think it was a sport of maniacs. But the real experience has something else to say –

Since my first date with the fierce wind, Paragliding has been one of my favourite sports. It is exciting, challenging, funny, and most importantly, you feel free out there. All you need is paramotor training and proper equipment to start with Paragliding. If you are doing for a short time fun then you can rely on the Pilot. However,  for achieving the perfection, you need to be serious. Start your training today with the best instructor and learn to play with the gliders in all the atmospheric conditions.

There is nothing like danger and fear in Paragliding. All these rumors come from people who have not experienced the fun of this sport. Thrill can’t be considered as a danger. You are safely tied with at least 30 strings that is connected to the wing, and believe me, they are strong enough to carry your weight.

Paragliding Pilots – You are in Safe Hands

It is not like driving on the road or a train driving. Paraglider pilot possesses an extraordinary amount of control. They are trained to have a subtle control on the speed and the direction. The only thing that can come in between their experience and expertise is the heights and weather condition. So, you just have to enjoy your sport, leave the rest to the pilot.


The First Flight – Go Courageously!

Reached the destination from where you need to glide? For the first timers the hill slope is a little low as a comparison to experts. You need to take nursery steps at your inflation phase, the wings will start filling with air. Within a few minute pressure will swiftly roll over you with a feeling of excitements and hormones rushing inside your skin.

Now, your toes can’t feel the earth’s surface and you are up in the air. This is it, you are in the open air among the birds, and chilly wind. Open up your heart and feel free to take a gulp of the fierce wind. You have wings and you are dwelling like birds. Think about your childhood fantasy of flying, which is no more a fantasy. It doesn’t matter whether they used a wand or broom to fly, because you too can fly now. Yell your lung out –

 Yes I have made it!

Do Not Limit Yourself

Paragliding can be considered among some of the biggest addictions. Once you are in it, the urge of flying increases day by day. If you are fascinated by flying then do not stop yourself, go for it. You can get a proper paramotor training from experts. Once you are trained, there is no boundary of time and weather. Usually a normal Paragliding takes 25-30 minutes, depending on the weather condition, but there is no such boundary if you are a trained pilot. You can have the amazing view of the whole city through Paragliding. The maximum record of Paragliding has been 502.9 km, reach out to break it.

I personally feel that Paragliding is comfortable as well as exciting. Unlike Parachuting and rappelling, its gears are more comfortable and you don’t need to hang yourself amidst uncountable strings. The modern harness is a lot cozier, you just need to make yourself comfortable in it. So, what else do you need?  It is comfortable, safe and above all it is giving you a chance to live your fantasies.


So, take an aerial view of your beautiful city with Paragliding.

Author Bio

Lisa Coffey (°1988, United States) is a Freelance Content Writer, who writes in many fields. With a conceptual approach, Coffey tries to approach a wide scale of subjects in a multi-layered way, likes to involve the viewer in a way that is sometimes physical and believes in the idea of function following form in a work.

Her creative work directly responds to the surrounding environment and she utilizes her everyday experiences from travelling as well which gives a starting point to write. Often these are framed instances that would go unnoticed in their original context. She is currently associated with adventureflightsppg

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The Sports Archives – Building a Better Person

The modernization of sports has seen the inclusion of many new types of activities into the sports genre, all of which are gaining considerable popularity. Some of these sports come with an artistic focus, such as dance, while others utilize brand-new technologies in a competitive fashion, as is the case with major-league video gaming. As a society’s culture spreads, the fundamental nature of sporting activities is changing as well, and in many cases, the competition is no longer defined as the foremost objective. In some cases, the would-be “side-effect” of rigorous sporting activities instead surpasses the competition as the primary focus of the sport. Such is the case with Bodybuilding.


Arnold Schwarzenegger performing a “Front Double Biceps” pose.

A competitive test of strength can be considered one of the most original forms of sporting activity in the world. As a result, it is not entirely inaccurate to suggest that Bodybuilding is one of the earliest sports in history. It is important, however, to make a distinction between modern Bodybuilding and the feats of strength popular in Ancient Greece and Egypt. Beginning in the late-1800s, Modern Bodybuilding (also widely known as “Western Bodybuilding”) began in 19th Century Europe, with “strongmen” challenging each other to tests of strength among the public community. In the United States, Bodybuilding reemerged from a brief intermission when gymnastics simultaneously experienced a surge in popularity. Rather than a battle to display the rawest strength and power, Modern Bodybuilding concentrates more on a refined, balanced physique. Through the 1970’s, Bodybuilding continued to gain traction in the West, popularized by celebrity powerhouses such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno. The year 1981 would see the formation of the National Physique Committee, headed by Jim Manion who, at the time, had just resigned from his position as chairman of the American Athletics Union Physique Committee. The NPC would continue to gain a following, becoming the forefront Bodybuilding committee in America that it is today.

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The Sports Archives – Skating Through Women’s Ice Hockey History!

The infographic below, Skating Through Women’s Ice Hockey, is presented to you by Tucker Hockey (

The Sports Archives would like to summarize some of the facts regarding Women’s Hockey as illustrated in the infographic.  Girl’s and women’s hockey is growing at a tremendous pace as demonstrated by the continued growth in participation at the high school and college levels.  There will no doubt be a time in the not too far distant future, that women’s hockey will start to see more growth and more of a fan base.

Here are some historical facts with regard to Women’s Hockey:

1. The Canadian Hockey Association states that the first recorded women’s hockey game
presided in Barrie, Ontario in 1892.

2. According to “Total Hockey”, the official encyclopedia of the NHL, the first game was played in Ottawa, where the Government House Team defeated the Rideau ladies team in 1889.

3. Women’s hockey proliferated in the 1920s and 1930s, with teams, leagues and tournaments in almost every region of Canada and even a few areas in the U.S.

4. The Preston Rivulettes of Ontario were like the Montreal Canadiens of Women’s hockey having dominated the game throughout the 1930s.

5. Girl’s hockey, however, was struggling and hit a major obstacle when the Ontario Supreme Court ruled against 9 year-old Abby Hoffman, a girl who challenged the “boys only” policy in minor hockey.

6. In the 1980s, Canadian intercollegiate women’s hockey was formed and the NCAA recognized the game in 1993.

7. In 1990, eight countries participated in the first Women’s World Ice Hockey Championship and by 1998, women’s hockey was introduced to the Nagano Olympic games in Japan.

Today, women’s hockey is dominated by Canada and the United States and continues to thrive as some of the Scandinavian countries are starting to emerge with Sweden winning a silver medal in the 2006 Olympics.

Women's Ice Hockey Infographic


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The Sports Archives – Paragliding: Your Just-Wings To Touch The Sky!


Do you love watching birds flying high in the sky? Have you ever wished of touching the sky? If yes, then you must try on for ‘Paragliding’. It is dodgy yet dazzling sport that one must go for!








You must have heard people, or even you saying, “Oh! I may possibly fly and play or talk with winds, but Alas! This is not possible at all.”

Gone are those days when we sit with losing face that we are unable to fulfill are high dreams. Now, the time is different. With the advancement of technology, there are several options through which one can fulfill his/her dreams.


It is something like leisure activity which you must try when you go for your mountain trip. It is an engine free flight. They are even known as “just wings” featuring very strong and non-tear able big fabric stall, ropes to strap up and a chair. All you need is to just get ready with flying suit, helmet, and boots. Then, gripping the ropes, hop for a minute and start running to launch the aircraft.








See… you flying!

While experiencing Paragliding, you should have good control on yourself as well as your aircraft. One can enjoy the flight for many hours only if the weather is normal and you know how to take off. Don’t worry about bucks as it is affordable and here you won’t get such kind of replies like sorry Spacing full, no seat, etc. It is an activity where you can alone fly high and feel the whistling sounds of wind and the birds. There are a number of online sites available where you can make a thorough check before you buy service.

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The Sports Archives – Surf’s Up!: Top 6 U.S. Beaches for Catching a Wave

Empty wave at Banzai Pipeline

Empty wave at Banzai Pipeline” by Mat-faOwn work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

If you’re looking to catch some of the best waves in the world, you’ll find a surprising number of spots right in the United States. Whether you want to settle down to life in a surf town or take an unforgettable trip, these beaches offer surfs even the pros can’t resist.

Pipeline, Oahu—Of Worldwide Surf Fame

Pipeline, Oahu isn’t just the best surf spot in the Unites States; it’s one of the best in the world. Pipeline is known as “the king of all waves” and for good reason. Best for experienced surfers, this stretch of beach offers 20-foot waves above a razor-blade table reef. This is the kind of beach where you’ll find world champions catching waves, and a stop at any local diner or shop is sure to yield plenty of tips, talk, and gossip about the sport.

Mavericks, California—For Tow-In Surfing

Mavericks, California is a popular spot for pro surfers who want to catch big waves. This spot can produce standard waves of 25 feet, while the biggest ones top 50 feet. Watch out for the rocks inside the break that are aptly referred to as the Bone Yard. This area is appropriate for experienced surfers who are looking for tow-in surfing.

Mavericks 2010 Competition

2010 mavericks competition” by Shalom JacobovitzSJ1_8558. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Honolua Bay, Hawaii—A Local Favorite

Honolua Bay is a popular surf spot for locals, so don’t be surprised if you’re heckled for being a tourist in this prime location. This is a favorite of pros who enjoy the long waves during the winter surf season. The big waves here make Honolua Bay too dangerous for novice surfers, but if you’re looking to ogle some of the best professionals around and catch a few tips for yourself, the bluffs above the Bay are an ideal spot.

Surfrider Beach, Malibu—For Steady Waves

Surfrider Beach was once known as Malibu Lagoon State Beach, but its popularity with surfers earned it the new name. With steady waves three to five feet tall, Malibu is one of the best places to live if you’re looking for the surf life. The Surfrider Foundation, started in Malibu, has designated the beach as a World Surfing Reserve to help protect the surf breaks.

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, Buxton—Surfing Over Shipwrecks

The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse is best known for its hollow rights and lefts. This was the first National Seashore Park, so designated in the 1960s. The lighthouse jetties constructed shortly after are to thank for much of the surf magic that’s found here. Cape Hatteras Lighthouse is also known as “The Atlantic Graveyard” for the 600 ships that have crashed along the dangerous stretch.

Surfing off Cocoa Beach, Fl.

SurfingoffCocoaBeach FLA USA” by Mikerussell at en.wikipedia. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Cocoa Beach, Florida—Home of Ron Jon’s

Home to the famous Ron Jon Surf Shop, Cocoa Beach is a popular spot for beginners and experts alike. Down at “The Streets,” you’ll find easy waves that nearly anyone can ride. For a more challenging surf, head toward the Cocoa Beach Pier.

These popular surf spots are well-known for their waves, so you’ll have to contend with the locals to catch the best ones. Become a local yourself, and you’ll have regular access to these hot spots.




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The Sports Archives – History Of The Manchester United Red Machine!

Manchester United is coming off a season that is less than spectacular and certainly not up to the standards that Manchester Fans are used to. Nonetheless, Manchester United has a very successful history and a brilliant following. The Sports Archives would like to reflect on just how successful this football club is by presenting some facts and figures in MU history.

The infographic that follows below is courtesy of Aford Awards, a contributor to The Sports Archives.

Manchester United Facts and Figures:

In 1902 the Newton Heath football club changed its name to Manchester United and won the League Championship in 1908.

In 1909, Old Trafford is completed and becomes home to Manchester United.  They play their first game there on the 19th of February, 1910.

After the World Wars, Manchester United became a major force in English football with Sir Matt Busby taking command of the ship.

In 1958, the infamous Munich Air Disaster landed a heavy blow to Manchester United and its fans.  8 MU players were lost to the tragedy and Matt Busby was hospitalized for 2 months after.

By 1968, the Reds had 7 league titles and won the European Cup for the first time beating Benfica on goals by George Best, Brian Kidd and two from Bobby Charlton, who incidentally survived the Munich Air Disaster.

During the 1970s and 1980s, Man. U. continues adding numerous FA Cup and Charity Shields to its trophy room.

In 1986, Sir Alex Ferguson takes the helm.

In the 1990s, Manchester United began its dynasty winning so many tournaments and trophies that Alex Ferguson was awarded a knighthood in 1999.

In the 21 century, the Reds continued the dynasty with Ferguson becoming the first manager to win three successive English league titles.

By 2009, with the aid of players like Wayne Rooney, Louis Saha and Cristiano Ronaldo, the Reds have secured the League championship 11 times in seventeen years!

In 2013, Robin van Persie helped the Reds win their 20th league title.

In 2013-2014, Manchester United becomes the second-richest football club in the world in terms of revenue, trailing only Real Madrid.

Thus, as illustrated by the infographic that follows, Manchester United has found extreme success with its football club and will always have its place in the archives of English football.

Manchester United Reds Infographic





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