The Sports Archives – Choosing The Right Motorcycle Saddlebag!

You need to trust motorcycle luggage experts to choose the right select of saddlebags. While shopping for motorcycle saddlebags, you’ll come across many options that make it difficult to make the correct choice. We’ve broken all of these options down into five simple questions. First, does your bike have an exposed shock? Second, how much storage space do you need. We offer size options from small to extra-large. Third, do you want a plain or a studded pair of bags? How about buckles? Fourth, what type of mounting would you like your saddlebags to have? Fifth, do you want your saddlebag to be lockable? After answering these few questions you have now filtered down your search and are ready to select your design.  After that, you are good to go, or should we say roll!

There are 5 main things you need to consider when ordering your saddlebags:

1. Type of Saddlebags:

  • - Shock Cut-Out
  • - No Shock Cut-Out

2. Capacity of Saddlebags:

  • - Small
  • - Medium
  • - Large
  • - Extra Large

3. Style of Saddlebags:

  • - Plain vs. Studded
  • - Buckles vs. No Buckles

4. What Type of Mounting is Offered?:

  • - Throw-Over
  • - Hard-Mount
  • - Quick Disconnect System

5. Are They Lockable?:

  • - Padlock
  • - Keylock

Viking Bags have created a new info-graphic to assist Motorcycle riders for choosing the best saddlebags for their specific need and type of Motorcycle. Viking Bags are experts in Motorcycle Luggage, like Street, Cruiser and Sports motorcycle luggage.

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How To Choose Motorcycle Saddlebags

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The Sports Archives – The History Of Hockey In Canada

The following is a timeline which marks some of the most famous historical events that were instrumental in the evolvement of the sport of hockey in Canada.   The game was first called shinny or hurly and was played in Nova Scotia by British soldiers and also by immigrants from Iceland.  The word ‘Shinny’ is Canadian slang for an informal or pick-up ice or street hockey game.

1875 – The first recorded hockey game was played in an indoor rink between two teams at Victoria Rink in Montreal.

1892 – The first documented women’s game is held in Barrie, Ontario.

1892 – Lord Stanley of Preston, the Governor General of Canada, an avid hockey enthusiast donated a trophy, known today as the Stanley Cup.

1893 – The Montreal Amateur Athletic Association became the first team to win the Stanley Cup.

1894 – A female club team, the Love-Me-Littles, is formed in defiance of the Archbishop at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario.

1917 – The creation of the National Hockey League (NHL) with the Montreal Canadians and the Toronto Maple Leafs as the initial clubs,  marked a major milestone in the sport’s organization and development.

1924 – The NHL expands into the US with the Boston Bruins joining the league.

1926 – The Chicago Black Hawks, Detroit Red Wings and the New York Rangers join the NHL and establish the initial six teams later dubbed the ‘original six’.

1967 – The first major expansion of the NHL doubled the league size by adding 6 more US-based teams: the Los Angeles Kings, the Minnesota North Stars, the Philadelphia Flyers, the Pittsburgh Penguins, the California Seals and the St. Louis Blues.

1970 – The first Canadian expansion team to join the NHL is the Vancouver Canucks along with the border city Buffalo Sabres also becoming a member.

1990 – Canada wins the gold medal in the first Women’s World Hockey Championship; a success the Canadian National Women’s Team repeated in 1992 and 1994.

1994 – Hockey was declared Canada’s national winter sport.

The following infographic brought to you by Tucker Hockey, illustrates more interesting facts about hockey and the NHL including NHL top player salaries, NHL most valuable teams and NHL top scorers for the money!

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Tucker Hockey Infographic

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The Sports Archives – What Is Kite Surfing?

What is Kite Surfing?

Kite surfing is a water sport that uses a board and a kite to travel across the water. In order to kite surf you balance on the board as the power of the wind causes the kite to move. The speed that you will travel depends on the strength of the wind and the angle at which the kite is held.

Who can take part in kite surfing?

The kites come in a variety of different sizes and this means that they are suitable for riders of all different builds. It may not be suitable for very young children but most instructors will accept students that are aged ten and over, and many people continue to kite surf into their sixties and seventies. You do not need to have any experience of kite surfing to get started, so it is an ideal water sport for people of all abilities.

Kite Surfing

What equipment is needed?

The main equipment that you will need is the board and the kite itself, as well as a harness which attaches to the kite. As it is certain that you will be getting wet, specialist clothing is also a good idea. An h2o sports men’s wetsuit can be a good choice as this will keep you entire body protected while you are out on the water. Generally speaking the equipment needed for kite surfing is very easy to transport as the kite can be compressed into a small bag and the board is relatively small as well.

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The Sports Archives – The Player Who Hit For Opposing Teams In The Same Game!

Minor league baseball in the Americas consists of a list of leagues that compete at various skill levels.  The minor leagues prepare players for the major leagues by providing for further maturity and talent development.  The leagues are divided into three league types: Class A, Double-A and Triple-A, with least experienced players competing at the Class A level.  Some of the other countries besides the U.S. that supply players to the minor leagues are Canada, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Venezuela and Puerto Rico.

Minor League BallgameBeing a minor league player in any sport is a very challenging and exciting experience for an athlete. Those that work hard and maintain complete focus on the finish line are usually the ones that make it to the major leagues. Sometimes it also takes a bit of luck and just plain being in the right place at the right time. If you can’t get that lucky break, you may get well-traveled throughout the minors. This was the case of Dale Holman, a minor league baseball player who is at the center of a very odd coincidence in baseball.

An International League BallparkThe story goes like this:

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The Sports Archives – Tiger Woods vs. Rory Mcilroy

There is not a lot more that can be said about 2 of the most successful golfers of all time: Tiger Woods and Rory Mcilroy. They are the only golfers to win The Silver Medal and The Gold Medal at The Open Championship and have joined only one other golfer, Jack Nicklaus, in winning three majors by the age of 25. So how do they compare to each other?

At the time of this writing, Mcilroy is 25 years old and is currently ranked first in the world. Woods is 38 and currently ranked tenth. Turning back the clock, Woods was ranked first in June 1997 when he was 21 years old – one tally for Woods. The point here is that you can compare achievements when Woods was the age Mcilroy is now or you can just compare total accomplishments by each golfer. Either way, no one can argue that we are looking at two of the best golfers in the history of the game with Rory Mcilroy on his way to potentially become one of the highest money-makers in terms of sports deals and endorsements as long as stays on the right path.

The Sports Archives would like to present to you an infographic that illustrates Tiger Woods versus Rory Mcilroy head-to-head brought to you by Aford Awards, a UK manufacturer of golf trophies.


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Tiger Woods vs. Rory Mcilroy Infographic

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The Sports Archives – Stadiums Of The World!

There are a now a large number of sports venues which are built from precast concrete. Precast concrete is a cement product which is precast in a mold and then cured in a controlled environment for primary use in construction. The finished shape is transported to the construction site and lifted into place by a crane. Contrast this method with standard concrete which is cement that is poured and cured at the site.

Some of the advantages of using precast concrete are that it is much easier to mass produce certain types of molds and shapes and that curing in a precast concrete plant allows for a more environmentally controlled process with sophisticated monitoring systems. Production is usually performed at ground level which affords higher safety standards. All of these benefits allow for lower production costs. The disadvantage is planning the transport and placement of large precast concrete structures.

Aviva Stadium, located in Dublin, Ireland holds a capacity of 51,700 and is an example of a stadium built using precast concrete. The stadium, located next to the Lansdowne Road railway station, opened on 14 May 2010 and is home to the Republic of Ireland football team and the Irish rugby union team.

The following infographic is brought to you by Banagher Precast Concrete and showcases some interesting stadiums from around the world!

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Banagher Precast Concrete UK

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The Sports Archives – Where the Rubber Meets the Road: Auto-Racing as a Sport!

Nascar Green Flag and  Sonoma Raceway 2 photo D Ramey LoganPeople drive cars; this is an irrefutable fact of 21st Century America. As time progresses, we can only expect to see more automobiles – for transportation, for recreational purposes, and even competition. While it lacks the longevity of a sport like baseball or football (predominantly due to the need of an automotive vehicle) auto-racing officially began its record as a sport as early as the 1800’s in Europe. From there, it quickly spread to the United States, slowly and steadily developing in popularity until it had become the iconic sport that it is today. With so many forms of auto-racing and popular franchising companies auto-racing can be a bit difficult for many people to understand. Like any sport, however, the roots of auto-racing can be easily understood by analyzing the fundamental rules, mechanics, and history of the sport.

The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, known more popularly by its abbreviated name, NASCAR, was founded in 1947 by the dream to unify the world of competitive car racing. Incidentally, the movement to bring NASCAR to life was not originally conceived by the United States, but rather, one of the first European nations to endorse the sport: France. This proud country would assist the program’s kick-off in its earlier years, providing financial assistance with many projects, including the implementation of the Daytona International Speedway. Time and investing has only resulted in a dramatic increase in auto-racing’s international popularity.

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