The Sports Archives – The Link Between Promotional Wear And Marketing In Sport!

NASCAR Sports SponsorshipLet’s face it, anyone likes a certain sport, because they offer us a chance to unwind and relieve all the stress gathered in a certain day. However, each time we are watching a sport event, no matter how small, we are actually seeing a form of promotional wear marketing.

Marketing and Promotion

Using promotional clothing during an event is a great type of marketing that is used by numerous businesses all over the world to expand their client base. What this basically implies is that the performer or his team/agent signs a contract with a certain business which offers products which can be used in performing that sport. Of course, any type of company can contact an athlete, not specifically the ones with an interest in that domain.

Sports Marketing

This type of sports marketing has been around for decades now and it works perfectly, as the athletes are paid quite a lot to wear those promotional clothes while the companies get the perfect promotion, since most competitions are watched on TV by thousands or even millions of people. This kind of marketing is classed as above the line activity and is usually backed up by online marketing during the same period.

Promotional Clothing

Most of the time these promotional clothes will have the company logo printed on them, showing the potential customer that the athlete considers their brand as being of the highest quality. This can transform the person that sees the promotional wear from a lead to a customer, and that is why this type of wear has a valuable marketing significance when it comes to sports.

TAM SAM MarketPromotional Wear and Business

Promotional wear can easily create solid business profiles for the companies that choose to use them. By using this marketing solution they will be seen as high-profile, professional, trustworthy businesses that are surely worth taking a look at.

However, getting into such a marketing promotion does require some costs, but in the end it all comes down to the possible results that it can bring to the company. The increased exposure helps generate a lot of leads and that is surely critical when it comes to increasing the profitability margin of the company, as that is one of the main goals.

Marketing and Funding of Sports Tournaments

Aside from sponsors, this type of practice can be really useful when it comes to funding tournaments as well. Promotional wear brings a lot of benefits for the athlete and businesses that use such a marketing model. From better brand visibility to powerful branding and immense chances to increase the sales, promotional wear has surely changed the way companies are promoting their brand in the sports world, and it will continue to do so for years and decades to come. It’s safe to say that promotional wear has changed the way business promote their products or services, as now we can also find it not only in sports, but in local boutiques, restaurants or hotels as well.

Daisy Burgess – Professional Blogger Specialising in Online and Offline Marketing research based on information taken from Promotional Clothing Website

Photo Credits: Wikipedia Commons

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The Sports Archives – More to Throwing a Ball than Meets the Eye: Baseball Injuries

Baseball pick-off attemptIt should be no surprise that sports and physical injury go hand-in-hand. Depending on the activity, common injuries range from bruised knees and strained muscles to fractured limbs and blown knees. Some sports, like boxing or wrestling, put full focus on incapacitating your opponent and often require competitors to deal out serious damage to achieve victory. Other sports that put a hefty strain on a person’s body can wear them down, leading to possibly less serious injuries over the long-term of that person’s sporting career. On the whole, injuries are extremely serious in the world of sports, and can put a person out of commission for several weeks, an entire season, or even the rest of that person’s life. Baseball, America’s long-standing pastime, is a good example of a seemingly non-dangerous sport that is, in fact, rife with the threat of injury.

Many people may be surprised to learn that the baseball players at highest risk are predominantly pitchers. So, what’s dangerous about throwing a ball back and forth for an hour or two, especially considering other players on the team are sprinting around the outfield and leaping for fly balls? The truth of the matter is, any sharp or jarring physical activity poses a threat to a person’s health regardless of how physically conditioned said player may be. As a result, while pitching for a few hours at a time does not appear physically demanding to spectators, every time the guy on the mound throws a 93 mph fastball, his elbow’s integrity is compromised. Eventually, all it will take is a sharp twist or wild pitch to blow out the player’s elbow.

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The Sports Archives – Upcoming Freestyle Scooter Competitions

freestyle scooteringWith the rise in popularity of scooters, a new extreme sport was born: freestyle scootering. This sport uses a kick scooter to perform similar freestyle tricks as skateboarders, surfers, snowboarders, and BMX bikes. As freestyle scootering caught on, manufacturers created scooters made specifically for the sport. Competitions soon followed, and now there are several events in which freestyle scooter enthusiast can compete. Many local skate parks and scooter clubs offer competitions for local scooter riders. Along with local events, there are several national and international events, including a world championship. Following is a list of the upcoming freestyle scooter competitions.

U.S. National Championship

On July 12, the U.S. National Championship finals will take place at the Escondido Sports Center in Escondido, California. In this competition, the top 50 US pro riders will be competing for a place in the ISA World Championships. It is the final event from the series of pro events that have taken place throughout the year at various locations throughout the country. The winner of this event will go to the world championships to compete for the title. The event will also include other activities for non-pro scooter riders.

Russian Scooter Championship

On the weekend of July 26, the Moscow Scooter Competition will take place. This competition has been selected as an ISA International Wild Card. What this designation means is that any international pro rider who wins this competition will have a place in the ISA World Championship. The same weekend will also be the National Championship for Russia, and that winner will also have a place in the ISA World Championship. This event takes place at the Luzhnetskaya Olympic complex in Moscow.

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The Sports Archives – Crossfit Training – A Total Fitness Solution Which Helps In Reaching Your Goals!

Fox and Haskell formula between 20 and 70-year-oldIn this fast paced world, there hardly comes a time when we stop and think about our health and body. Because of this, the number of obese and unhealthy people is rising like never before. Sometimes, it is because we cannot devote time to our health and the other times when we have time, we are too lazy to get up and do something for us. In short, our health condition never changes.

There are people who try to stay healthy by following an exercise regime and by opting for healthier food alternatives. So why are they still unhealthy? Well, because of lack of knowledge. Failing to know the right method is another reason why 9 out of 10 people do not succeed.

If your declining strength and endurance levels are giving you nightmares, you can consider joining a Crossfit Training center. Hold on….this is not just any center but a place where a person reinvents himself.

Everything today is commercialized and so it is okay to raise questions about the credibility of anything we come across. But what makes this training center shine among all is the fact that you won’t find any hoarding, supplements’ recommendations, AC rooms or spa there. The makers call it a – garage gym because here, results speak!

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The Sports Archives – Founding the Competition – What Makes a Sport?

sport [spawrt, spohrt]

1. An athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature
2. Diversion; recreation; pleasant pastime.

Youth soccer IndianaAt some point in our lives, we have all been exposed to a celebrated tradition, game or popular activity introduced to us, for the first time, as a sport. In the United States, some of the most popular sports include NASCAR auto-racing, baseball, football, soccer, tennis and professional boxing. At a glance, the chain of recognized sports may seem considerably small, but dozens of sports exist worldwide. Analyzing more obscure titles among the master list of all sports in creation can lead many of us to ask the focal question of all sporting interests: “Who or what even decides a sport, and what are the most important factors that constitute a sporting activity?”

The critical analysis that goes into what is given the official title of “sport” can be deeper than one might expect. Some sports become popular in culture based on their competitive nature, elaborate rule structure, or simply public popularity. Take baseball and football, a few of the most popular sports in the United States, as an example; both of these sporting activities are nationwide cultural phenomena, and although the fundamental rules of each are drastically different, both Major League Baseball and the National Football League draw exceptionally large crowds to every game. Other sports, such as skydiving (as a matter of fact, it is a sport) are recognized as more casual or private in the sense that they do not generally gain publicity through the national media.

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The Sports Archives – The History of Wimbledon Programmes!

The All England Lawn Tennis Championships (later named the Wimbledon Championships) started at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet (AELTC) Club located in Wimbledon, London, England. It is considered the oldest Grand Slam tennis tournaments in the world with the first tournament held in 1877. The US Open started shortly afterwards in 1881, the French Open starting in 1891 and the Australian Open starting in 1905.

The Wimbledon Championships has taken place every year since 1877, despite it taking a four year break for the First World War between 1914 and 1919 and a six year break for the Second World War between 1939 and 1946.

Central London luxury hotel, St Ermin’s Hotel based in Westminster, takes a look through the history of the tournament.


1887 Wimbledon ProgramThe 1887 tournament was played over five days over the first week of July from July 2nd to July 7th. It was the 11th staging of the Championships, although it was the first of the Wimbledon tournaments to utilise a programme. The trophy was inscribed with “All England Lawn Tennis Club Single Handed Championship of the World”.

Briton Herbert Lawford won the men’s singles title after defeating fellow Briton, Ernest Renshaw. Blanche Bingley was defeated by Lottie Dod in the ladies championships. Following this, Dod became the youngest ever Wimbledon women’s singles champion.


1894 Wimbledon Program

The 18th staging of the tournament was held between July 9th and July 18th 1894. Joshua Pim from Britain defeated fellow British player Wilfred Baddley to win the men’s singles final. Wilfred and his brother Herbert Baddley went on to win the men’s doubles by defeating another British double, Harold Barlow and Ernest Lewis.

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The Sports Archives – Ever dreamt of owning the latest Yamaha MT09?

2014 Yamaha MT-09As the self-proclaimed ‘Dark side of Japan’ the Yamaha MT09 is really making headlines in the world of sport bike design. Yamaha claim “With a compact new chassis and high-torque 3-cylinder engine, this new generation performance machine is designed for riders who appreciate character and soul”. The bike certainly has its own character and soul while still incorporating all the quality and reliability that you expect. I don’t really care what the bike represents, because after just a few short miles you will be blown away. Jon Urry even stated “To me the MT-09 represents the best bike to emerge from Japan in years – it is, quite simply, brilliant. And yes, brilliant as in Street Triple brilliant. Possibly even better”. A glowing recommendation indeed.

For a light and compact sports bike it still boasts an impressive 115hp from its 850cc 3–cylinder engine.

There are also a number of other specs that would make any riders mouth water, including a slim and lightweight CF die-cast aluminium frame, Asymmetric CF die-cast aluminium swing arm, Monocross rear suspension with horizontal shock, Refined ergonomics “full-control” riding position, YCC-T and D-MODE electronic control systems and 298mm floating front discs radial-mount callipers.

However the MT09’s strengths primarily lie within its striking appearance. Its dynamic new naked ‘motard-style’ bike comes with an aluminium chassis and upright riding position making it a work of art and ideal for all riding types.

As if the bike could get anymore impressive new manufacturing techniques have resulted in a fuel tank with a more sculpted shape than previously achievable, keeping the tank narrow around the riders knees, whilst still carrying 14 litres of fuel, giving a useful 150 mile range. The MT-09 has a long seat – 400mm – giving a range of riding positions also.

With prices starting around £6,799 this bike won’t be for everyone but with glowing reviews from industry leaders it is sure be to a popular choice.

Have you ever dreamt of owning your own Yamaha motorbike but could simply never afford it?

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